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    Lately, I just haven't been feeling like myself...i dunno, I just feel numb to the world around me. Nothing interests me. When i'm not at work, I just sit in bed all day trying to think of something to do; but nothing i think of ever sparks any sense of desire or interest. So, I'm just stuck sitting here doing nothing. I know i should be doing something...anything productive or constructive, but i've lost all sense of intrigue and excitement.

    I've felt similarly when i was a nihilist, but back then there was a basis of philosophical reasoning behind it; this time around that's not the case...

    it honestly feels like i'm depressed, but i have no clue why, and there's no end to this feeling in sight.

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    Sorry to hear that, been feeling the same thing lately too. Can't explain it too well but it does feel like depression. The days for me just seem to meld together at this point. But I do hope you feel better soon.

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    This sounds like the classic symptoms of depression. I occasionally have days like that. Sometimes I take a nap. I'll tell my wife to yell at me in an hour, but then I don't want to get up. Often when I feel like this, I make myself do something like a house chore, or I'll work on something related to my part time job. I find if I can get something accomplished, I feel good about it and feel better overall.

    I think if this doesn't get better, you should make an appointment with your doctor. That might be a good beginning place as he/she will make some suggestions as what to do next.

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    It also sounds like a case of depression to me, but don't think of "depression" as a bad word. I find that when I talk to friends about it, they are very quick to brush it off because they are afraid of the stigma that comes with depression and other related mental issues.

    Mine is chronic and I will have to learn how to deal with it for the rest of my life. I feel like I'm honestly winning, but there are certainly days where nothing feels good. There are some days where everything has no taste, my skin feels numb, my hearing goes all fuzzy, and the only thing I wanna do is get curled up in my blanket nest.

    I found that the best way to combat these feelings (for me personally) was to take up a hobby that I haven't tried before and I could pour lots of time and research into. So I took up soldering and am making little guitar modifications whenever I feel down. Seeing them work always brings me right back up!

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    well, i was using energy drinks as a way of combating this before...but lately they haven't been doing anything for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepyTyrant View Post
    well, i was using energy drinks as a way of combating this before...but lately they haven't been doing anything for me.
    As weird as it sounds, I literally switched to drinking nothing but water (and juice and milk, but my main drink is water). Like, tons of it, as in the doctor's recommended daily amount. Between that and forcing myself into a semi-regular sleep schedule, that was my first step. It literally felt cleansing!

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