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Thread: When is the Future?

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    Default When is the Future?

    Just an idle question for people out there: what year did you (or do you if it hasn't arrived yet) consider to be "the future". When I was a kid, 2000 seemed like a long ways off and I would be an adult. I rarely thought past this milestone date.

    Obviously, it came and went and while it's a different and futuristic world from what I expected, it's never "the future". What were your childhood misconceptions?

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    The future is never, its always the present!

    for me it was 2012 because people believe the world was going to end.

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    Tomorrow is always a day away and the future beyond that.

    I had to get old to accept that as a truth. Flying cars are too dangerous, video phones on the kitchen wall will never happen as home phones are history and those big CRT computer monitors on Star Trek TOS will never happen after LCDs arrived like so many other failed predictions.

    We are living in our past's future but the true future will always be ahead of us.

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    For me, when I was a kid, the distant future was 1984, based on the novel. That seemed like such a long distance in time. Then it came and went, and the year 2000 was the future. After that, 2014 seemed distant and far away, yet meaningful, as it was the date I would retire. I think we often associate the future with meaningful dates.

    One can also think of it in more abstract terms, like: the future is when man walks on Mars, or travels faster than the speed of light.

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    Space Colonization

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    Answer philosophy with philosophy.

    The future is the yet to come. IF I plan for an event and it turns out or not is not the future but a planned reality.
    If I think it and it comes then it is a planned history that I had control in guiding to action.

    Therefor future is an unknown and unplanned event that I would not be aware of if it arrives.

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    I just arrived today at the future today marks 25 years and i almost did not make it, now i will shoot for 30 that is the future present everyday of your journey because there is plenty of rest when its over but no second chance no do over no i took a detour ,its "quality over quantity"

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    When I have either my jet-pack or my hover-board, damn it!

    EDIT: Or someone produces an AI that can pass the Turing Test at a post-graduate conversation level.

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    A long time ago, I consider 2015 so futustic and all because of the Back to the Future II.

    Also, I remember ringing in year 1999, and my mom went like, "WOW! 19... 9... 9! That sound so weird and futuristic!". But now... it's sound ancient somehow considering 17 years had passed by since then.

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    Well, I came after flying cars and AI Winter, so it'd probably be something like Star Trek things like communicators (which we kinda got, but with cameras), computers you interact with by mashing the screen (which we kinda got, but not as DWIM), video home phones like Pokemon (which we also kinda got), or, well, furries... but even that's run into trouble (yes, we got that too). The Net of a Thousand Lies? Twitter and Facebook seem to have taken up the slack.

    I'm still waiting for manned missions to Mars, I guess. The end of the world should be when chimera are acceptable. Hopefully the future happens before that.

    Also, when will then be now?

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