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Thread: Trump and 'There may be riots'

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    Default Trump and 'There may be riots'

    It's bad enough that supporters feel it is appropriate to use violence against hecklers and protesters at Trump's rallies. Now Trump has gone out and literally cocked a gun by saying, "There may be riots," if he doesn't get the GOP nomination, mainly if it is a brokered convention.

    An adamant supporter (Scottie Nell Hughes, Chief Political Commentator for USA Radio Networks) came out today saying, "Riots aren’t necessarily a bad thing...."

    Seriously? Trump coming out and suggesting there may be riots is now putting into the mind of his (already) on-the-verge-of violence supporters that should things not go their way that they SHOULD go out and riot. On top of that, his supporter is saying that it wouldn't be a bad thing? Of course, Hughes tried to backpedal and say people wouldn't be violent. Doesn't that now make it a demonstration instead of a riot?

    What is the take of others here? Is it me or did Trump just cock a gun and put it to the GOP's head?

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    If you were paying attention, its been all the leftist protesters causing the problems. The media of course has overplayed the one video were a protestor got smacked on the way out of a venue. Well deserved i might add.

    These are the same professional agitators and ne'er-do-wells who show up for everything from anti-Wall Street to anti-police to pro illegal immigration rallies. All the same folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnalogRTO View Post
    What is the take of others here? Is it me or did Trump just cock a gun and put it to the GOP's head?
    To put it bluntly, yes. Again, well deserved. The GOP has had a gun to its own head with its Democrat-lite policies and kow-towing to political correctness. Its about time somebody called them out on it.

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    I hate to say it, but he's probably right. Even if he hadn't said it. I'm no conservative, but if Trump is in first place, especially by a good bit, then he deserves the republican nomination. People are going to be really, really unhappy if he's so far ahead and someone else somehow ends up with the nomination.

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    I'm with Maxx and agree with Shippo on this. To shed some light on it, people want Trump and might put up with Cruz (or vice versa), yet if neither gets the nomination that essentially means the establishment is giving the finger to the people they represent. People are getting tired of these establishment bozos doing what they will, only reason most wind up back in office is either due to party politics (would never vote for someone from the opposing party) or the fact there really is not a better choice and with the climate some might be close to that breaking point, if they break riots will likely follow.

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    I totally agree.
    The quiet majority is starting to say NO to the "control the office and get nothing done" establishment. I do not think Trump is the answer, but If the GOP pulls something then there will be social unrest.

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    Let's put it in perspective. Trump has not won a majority in any primary. If this continues he will come to the convention with a couple of hundred fewer votes than is required to nominate. Since all delegates must vote as per the state's rules on the first ballot, he won't win on that ballot. After that the delegates get released from their pledges, with some restrictions that lessen on each successive ballot). The delegates will then decide (and it may take multiple votes) on who should represent the party. I can't see delegates for Rubio or Kasich voting for Trump and since Cruz will be his primary opposition, I can't see his delegates going that way either.

    As far as the Trump delegates after the first ballot, most delegates are party activists (and very few of them are Trump fans). If Trump does not have a majority of the delegates on the first ballot (which would require him to actually win a majority of the votes in most of the remaining states) then I do not see him as the nominee. Would not be the first time that I am wrong about politics, but that is my opinion.

    The last thing I would like to see is a choice between two people who wouldn't recognize the truth if they tripped over it (and this is my description of the two front-runners). To my liberal friends who are hoping to run against Trump, be careful what you wish for. It is very possible for things to happen in the world that could turn the election on its head (a terrorist attack on U.S.soil, a Hillary indictment, or even a non-indictment that is perceived as political, a restart of the recession, and these are just a few). Remember when the Republicans nominated McCain they thought the election would be fought on foreign affairs, but the financial collapse changed the entire dynamic.

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    Trump is only agitating the "already angry" - those folks who haven't yet discerned that the country is no longer the exclusive purview of white, Christian males. They're already pretty mad, fed up with (a) a President who's black, (b) immigrants who want to work taking their menial jobs and (c) Republicans in Congress who can't manage to roll back the clock on things like Obamacare.

    I'm not a Trump supporter, but nor will I vote for Hillary Clinton. I confess Howie probably has the better of the argument ... that a Trump victory is genuinely possible. However, I try to look at the bright side: If Trump is elected, he'll completely destroy the Republican party during his only four-year term. Then perhaps we can stop fighting each other, realize we're all trying to pull the same wagon, and start focusing on the future rather than having about 40% of the electorate attempting to live in the "Leave It To Beaver" past.
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    There is a law, inciting a riot, and today in The Washington Post, North Caroline was considering charging Donald Trump with inciting a riot. As a result, he has toned down some of his rhetoric, asking supporters not to punch anyone, but to let security remove protesters.

    I think there are better ways to protest than interrupting a speaker, because it's rude, but they too are exercising their First Amendment right. Donald Trump has created a lot of this angry and violent atmosphere by his very own words. Certainly, violence has no place in our society. The last time I checked, punching someone in the face because you disagree with them is illegal. Isn't this how the Third Reich gained its traction?

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    With all the crazy crap going on with Trump, it doesn't seem surprising that there could be riots if he doesn't get the nomination. I could also see riots happening if he does get the nomination. Talking about Trump in general, I saw this article saying that a Trump presidency could be as dangerous as terrorism. I could agree.

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