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Thread: POLL: Left or Right handed?

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    Default POLL: Left or Right handed?

    In my study about handedness, it is seen that a person is more likely to have a paraphilic interest if left-handed. The proportion of the population that are lefties is 12%.

    I left out ambidexterity since not only is it highly unlikely for one to truly be ambidextrous, and it does not further the investigation since the area of focus is basic dominance of a particular hand.
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    I'm ambidextrous. I can write with both hands and it's equally legible

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    I lean right, but there are a lot of things I use either hand depending on convenience. I can write reasonably well lefty. I've got the mouse left on this computer, right on the other one.

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    I am predominantly left handed I think, I can only legibly write with my left hand, but I throw a ball with my right hand, and can't with my left.

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    Right handed here. My only ambidextrous trait is that I can switch knife and fork when I eat

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    I'm 100% left handed. There were six of us in my family. My father and the four kids were all left handed. My mother was the oddball. She was the only one who was right handed.

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    Right-handed. But as a drummer, I try my best to use my left hand to train it.

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    I'm right handed but as a pianist/organist I use my left hand as much as the right. We're a weird group, aren't we?

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    I'm mostly right handed. I can do some things with my left and right but I do most things with my right like video games, writing, shaving, cutting, batting, computer mouse.

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