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    A few weeks ago I went to a continence nurse to see if she could explain why I have been wetting the bed. She gave me a chart to fill out of what I have had to drink how much and then I would have to pee into a jug and measure the out take.

    So that got me thinking about what dose happen during in the night. When do I wet? What position am I in when I do?

    So what I plan to do is record a full nights sleep. As I don't have a video camera I'll have to do this from my phone which I'll have to mount and leave it plugged in.

    I have found an app the will record in timelapes but there is nothing on the app so that I can slow down the parts of the recording I want.

    Dose anyone know of something better I can use? Maybe a web cam hooked up to my pc?

    Cheers FH

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    I would probably use a webcam connected to a pc to make sure that I have sufficient free space to save the video.
    My mobile uses like 800MB for 5 minutes of video, so it wouldn't even be able to record one hour.

    Also, how are you going to record it? You'll need to have at least one little little to be able to see something with the camera.
    Good luck with this

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    My idea is to record from above the bed and will probably will have to have the light on but that I can deal with. I figured I would need the pc but I'll have to get myself a web cam.

    Cheers FH

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    Your best bet is a camcorder but I fully understand not wanting to invest in a camcorder for this one time thing. (Something I just thought of - is it possible to rent a camcorder from a local shop? Or borrow one from a friend?)

    Your second best option is the PC. Come to think about this, maybe this is even better...camcorders can be set for various recording lengths but they may not be able to record a full night's worth.

    Oh well...good luck with what ever you decide.

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    Get ahold of a "go pro" camera with a large xd card use a few infared leds to light you up without disturbing your sleep with visible light, the go pro software free download for your computer or phone or tablet will do time lapse, slo mo, and can isolate and loop the part of the night you are interested in and you can delete all that you are not interested in, its very powerfull, if you want unheard of capability with tricks you have never imagined get a Mac and the latest version of adobe photoshop or Macs own software will make a production quality digital video from the go pro footage . Warning i was a professional photographer the "go pro" solution is pretty inexpensive even if you rent one to use, the rest of the stuff gets in to big money fast, the infared leds are cheap and are the industry standard for sleep labs and there recording of patients sleeping,the rest of the gear for a sleep study such as the montoring of brain waves temerature pulse ox are irrelavent for you,you could also buy a bedwetter alarm pad and use that to trigger the camera to record, when it senses the moisture from urine hit it it will set the camera recording and you will not have to watch a whole night carefully to find what intrests you also consider having a clock in view with you sleeping so you tell the exact time of the void ,if you do this for several nights you will be able to detect any patterns in your intake, position, time, amount etc. You are probably sorry you asked and i replied at this point.i just have alot of varied intrests that combine into very unique solutions .

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    Thanks BabyDenise and Tetra. The go pro sounds like a good idea and I have wanted one for a while now. Seems I have a reason to buy one Filming my sleeping will also help with my sleep apnea as well.

    Cheers FH

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    I bought a slightly used perfect condition go pro 4 back edition from Adorama camera for a hefty $100 bucks off , you can also rent them there, so always check the used stock before shelling out for new prices,i am a registered pro there so i get unpublished below internet prices to begin with, but the used stuff is rated honestly, b&h is also good to check at this point shop around though because go pro stuff is coming down alot due to chinese and korean knock offs of the stuff that are flooding the market,go pro lowered it last quarter sales by 450 killion dollars and paid no divid end, but they are amazing little beasts, and stay away from that lower priced cube thing they have now i hear its garbage,so if you buy one i would say go with the 4 silver unless you absolutely need something the black has unless you get it for a song. Enjoy my friend

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