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Thread: First steps into my AB side?!

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    Default First steps into my AB side?!

    I went to CVS the other day to buy some more baby powder as well as my first bottle of baby oil, and as I was walking by the other baby products, I saw their selection of pacifiers, one of which was on sale for $5 or so. I literally stood there for a minute thinking "I'm just a diaper lover." But, my curiosity got the better of me and I bought them.

    2 hours later, I am napping in a fresh diaper, sucking away at the pacifier. Literally, I never though this would happen to me! I never though I would actually enjoy using a pacifier. Perhaps this is just the beginning of my exploration into my inner baby

    That being said, it seems a bit small and hard to keep in my mouth (it was specified for 6-18 months). Is there any good adult pacifiers I should try that are more comfortable and easier to keep in my mouth?

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    The best baby pacifiers to keep in your mouth are MAM 12m+.. I have 3 and I love them! I also had a NUK 5 and hated it, I decided to try a silicone one with a more rounded guard and I adore it.. I have this one you can also get it in blue or white

    It is all personal preference with paci's I find but I definitely recommend this one

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    Thanks for the suggestions, I actually just purchased one on Etsy from the seller you suggested. With shipping, was only $12.

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    I can remember the first time I put a paserfier in my mouth, and how wonderful it made me feel.

    I started out with one form the store. But now a got onr that is designed for my adult mouth.

    Enjoy sucking and welcome to never land hee, hee. Another DL coming over to the dark side.hee,hee,hee


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    Hey DrumMajor. I think you will find that lots of baby stuff is comforting and enjoyable. As far as pacifiers for adults, you really should take a look at Pacifiers R Us dot com. They have an awesome collection of both paci guards as well as various sizes and styles of nipples. They have both Latex and Silicone nipples, too.

    Have fun with it.

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    Now all you need to add for a perfect nap is a cuddly stuffed animal and you will feel like your in heaven.

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    Exist something like NUK5, but I'm currently using teats derivated from baby pacis "made by myself." Very cheap, but not easy to make. Maybe one day IŽll start to do some bigger prduction for others. Actually I haven't sufficient funds and space.

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