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    i have a mommy domme shes new to all this and asked what is the difference between a domme and a mommy domme idk how to answer this someone please help whats the differences idk how to word it

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    Well, I'd say a domme is someone involved in the more usual aspects of BDSM, while a mommy domme is also a caregiver for her charge and treats him/her like a baby. And I'd say a person could be both, just depending on the role she is playing at that moment.

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    If she doesn't know the difference between a dommy mommy and a domme, she probably isn't a dommy mommy.

    A dommy mommy uses the chronological age of the 'baby' she's caring for to her advantage; humiliation, embarrassment and teasing are disciplinary tactics. Humiliating or embarrassing the 'baby' might also be enjoyable for the dommy mommy.

    A typical mommy, on the other hand, provides infant-type care for an adult based on loving kindness and concern.

    I'm sure ABs would be split by preference; there are times when I'd actually prefer a dommy mommy to a regular mommy.

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