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Thread: Babykins order

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    Angry Babykins order

    Just wondering if anyone has had problems with receiving their order from
    I placed my order on March 1st paid extra money for faster shipping, it was suppose to be her the 7th, i emailed them they ensured it was shipped. still haven't received the items. checked again on the 14th it finally says it was shipped
    Anyone have similar issues or if this is just a once in a million mishap. want to order more stuff but it cost so much for shipping i just want to make sure im not getting screwed out of my hard earned money

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    I can't say I've ever purchased with babykins, but my experience with shipping is it can be very hit in miss.

    Internationally, I don't find much benefit for expedited shipping, I have once bought two items, on the some day, one expedited shipping one normal, the normal one actually arrived first. Also ordering domestically. I have ordered at 4am one day and had it delivered the next day, I've also bought from the same place, at about the same time I normally place an order and it take 5 days.

    It may be that one in a million thing where packages don't end up where they are supposed.... I've had one redirected from Australia even though the address clearly said New Zealand. But it depends on when the packages were actually picked up from the supplier, and when they were delivered. It may also be a case of them not having the stock on hand to fill the order, but one would hope that they would advise you of that if it were the case.

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    Did they provide a tracking number? I can't imagine shipping internationally without tracking service, since there are so many possible hang-ups along the way. Not all that long ago, I sold something on eBay to a guy in Argentina. It took just shy of a week for the package to arrive at Argentina customs--where it then sat for a whole month!

    So yeah...

    As LittleManAlex said, it's pretty hard to guarantee expedited shipping dates across international boundaries. I have a feeling there's not a lot Babykins can do about this, except perhaps warn customers that "expedited" may not mean exactly that if they aren't located in Canada.

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    I buy my baby plastic pants from then never had a problem.
    But I call my order in very nice they are the best person's to deal with in my time dealing with them.
    Give them a call they may make it right jenny's been great.
    If you did a custom order it may have been in production or they had to do a run of the item you ordered.
    They are in Canada BC to be exact

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    I have ordered from them more than once in the past. While they do what they can to expedite shipping, there is one place that they are completely unable to control timing: customs. I've had things ship from them and take a week and a half to two weeks to make it through customs, while the rest of the shipping time only took a couple days.

    It all depends on the customs office that gets to handle the package, if they're backed up with a bunch of stuff, they don't really care, they'll just make it sit until they have time to get around to it.

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    this is why i never pay for better shipping. it alway ends up taking longer and is just a waste of money. sometimes its needed for work but 99% of the time it isnt and its just a waste imo.

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    I ordered a onsie to be shipped to Ohio and it took a little over a week...

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    Definitely give Jenny a call to get her to look into it. She's great at sorting out issues.

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    Not sure where you live but I'm in New Jersey my last order took a couple weeks think it had to do with going from Canada to us customs or something not sure I know I took a long time tho .

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    I have placed a number of different orders with Babykins. I have had no problems other than a lack of patience. If you order anything special fabric-wise, like boy or girl prints, it could add two weeks to the order. You will get a confirmation and a tracking number once the order is complete and shipped. Have you received this already?

    My first order came really fast and I was very happy, everything I ordered was off the shelf. I found that I was a little too excited on my second order because I didn't realize the prints were not off the shelf. Everything came in due time once it was sewn. On my third order I understood where the time lag was and accepted it. I did find they were quick to communicate with you if you did have a question. I hope this helps.

    As for the shipping cost I found a bigger order didn't cost that much more to ship than a smaller order. For this reason I will wait until I have a reason to order a few extra things before ordering. I did think the shipping costs were a little high but when I found some of the products locally, the cost was acceptable to order what I wanted directly.
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