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Thread: Wearing in public first time!

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    So I'm currently sitting in the cinema for a late showing of deadpool whilst wearing a crinklz with a booster pad under my regular trousers. Wanted to post something as this is the first time I've worn outside my flat and this is a really exciting for me. Was a spur of the moment thing but really happy as no one seems to have noticed!

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    Hahahahaha have fun dude..... What an awesome film. oh and yeh boi...enjoy crinkling

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    There's just something special about being diapered while watching a good movie in a theatre. And Deadpool is a great movie. I laughed my ass off when I saw it.

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    Was the second time I've seen it brilliant film, pleasantly surprised at how relaxed I felt when walking the 10 minutes from my flat to the cinema. I don't know if I was expecting lot's of people to notice I was wearing but after a little bit I didn't feel self conscious at all. that's another personal milestone of ABDL self acceptance passed for me.

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