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Thread: Goodnite Tru-fit at Kroger

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    Default Goodnite Tru-fit at Kroger

    I saw today the Tru-fit refills are being closed out. They are selling them 50% off so I grabbed two packages while I still have more at home.

    I wonder if they're being discontinued or Kroger is just not selling them anymore but can be found elsewhere.

    I just think they're great boosters. Much better than the others I've used.

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    I know they are being clearanced out at Kmart too. I hope it's just to come out with a newer product and not the end of the line for them.

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    Saw the same at Walgreens. I wonder if they didnt sell... I hope they keep those liners though. They make great boosters.

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    I kind of hope so too. I've never tried the liners (or any kind of booster), but I would like to.

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    Is it just the refills that are being clearanced out? Maybe they're coming out with an even better one. That said, I wouldn't be too shocked to see Tru-Fit discontinued, they always seem to warm shelves around here.

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    How long, do they have them in the stores now?
    I think it should be about a year and we still cant get them in Europe.
    Really want to try them!

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    I don't know if they were starter packs or refills, but I saw them on a clearance rack at Walmart today, along with what appeared to be big packs of regular girls' GoodNites.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if Tru-fit died, or got scaled back quite a bit. Most parents diaper their babies in disposables, so the idea that parents are suddenly going to consider a hybrid option to deal with bedwetting is kinda silly, IMO. Of course, Huggies is also trying to appeal to the child who's embarrassed by the more diapery look and feel of GoodNites, and who wants a more underwear-like thing, but... those older, self-conscious kids are a minority of GoodNites wearers. The majority are much younger and more inclined to just wear what they're given without much of a fuss. Plenty of firsthand experience there--with GoodNites and other things.

    I wonder if Huggies wasn't also trying to tap into the hybrid diaper market where gDiapers has been reasonably successful. The difference is that gDiapers are for babies. There are many more babies than there are bedwetting kids.

    Well... guess we'll see!
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    So far I only saw the girls tru-fit on clearance at Walgreens. The is and refills were regular price.

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