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Thread: Is this Irony?

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    Default Is this Irony?

    So New Zealands state broadcaster released a survey to under stand New Zealanders positions on issues.... I got sceptic, I don't even claim to be a New Zealander lol.

    But recently an MP come out with this.

    So a little explanation, in New Zealand we have two electoral rolls, the General Roll, or Maori Roll, if you are everything but Maori you are on the General Roll, if you are Maori you can choose to either be on the General or Maori Roll.

    I believe at present their are 5 Members of Parliament elected specifically from the Maori Roll, one of those being Kelvin Davis, whom is making the claims.

    Do he not see the irony in calling a question about special treatment of Maori racist, when his position in parliament is 100% based on his race and that of the electorate, that he as an MP is living proof of special treatment of Maori. No other Ethnic group in the country gets so much as a single guaranteed seat in the house.

    I am all for all people being represented in the house, but when one race gets 5 guaranteed seats at the table and all the rest don't get a single guaranteed seat, I'd call that special treatment.

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    No. Not irony. Simple hypocrisy, which is a major political preoccupation. Or it may even genuinely not have occurred to him that it constitutes special treatment. We use our own life experiences as a guide for navigating the world - we regard the way we live as the norm - hence, those who have privileges or are the beneficiaries of special treatment are rarely consciously aware of the fact.

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