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    Last week, my bff and I were playing '21 Questions.' About half way though, she asked me what's my deepest secret that I've never told anyone. I was pretty hesitant about telling her that I'm an AB/DL, but decided to push though and tell her.

    It went wayyyyy better than I would've ever thought! I even showed her my stash and AB/DL Instagram account. She had a few questions, but nothing too crazy. We ended up laughing about it, and she didn't even seem to care after soaking it in.

    So happy it went well, and she's even curious about using bottles and diapers herself! Temped to get her a bottle, and an Abena M4 to try out.

    EDIT: Wonder if the AB/DL forum would be a better place for this

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    That's awesome! Happy it turned out well for you.

    The two people I have told acted like they were fine with it but really were not to a point.

    My mom acted like it was just a phase and would go away. (We all know it doesnt just go away) but I never brought it back up again after telling her.
    And my friend I told found it very odd but seemed okay with it but started to distance himself afterwards.

    Hopefully if I tell anyone else I will get a better reaction then I have. :P

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    Congrats!! Support and feeling accepted and loved is always the best!

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    I think telling friends tend to go better because we've already built a long lasting relationship, and one of the important tenants is trust. When I told my best friend, we were BFFs from college, he didn't mind at all or think it was especially weird. We were in a relationship throughout most of college, so I knew I could tell him.

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