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Thread: Plushies and blankies

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    Red face Plushies and blankies

    Ok so i have a baby blanket somewhere in my house, and i have plushies too, but i want some different plushies any suggestions?

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    Yeah build a bear is amazing. I have like five. They have a ton to choose from. And they stuff them there and you can add sound and a heart. Them you gotta clean the little guy and then dress them up. Finally you can create a birth certificate for them. Its really fun and they always are changing what plushies they have.

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    Yeah but I'm a bit new to the adbl scene and I have a few build a bears but don't really like the idea of being a teen on there

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    I've had pretty good luck finding plushies at thrift stores. I've even found Build a Bears there, and they're usually pretty cheap.

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    I could really do with a nice big "Teddy" (sorry everybody I am from the UK) to cuddle up to right now, I am currently sucking my Dummy tho I really seriously love my Dummy (my NUK5) I still cannot believe how much it has helped me feel comforted

    For a plushie idea, I say find yourself the biggest softest cutest one in the world Just make sure to put a nice comfy Nappy on your plushie (giggles)

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    There are cheap plush cuddle friends at WALMART.
    With Easter coming up, there are a lot of plush bunnies for sale.

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