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Thread: If being little was "mainstream" or accepted by society, would you want to act little?

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    Question If being little was "mainstream" or accepted by society, would you want to act little?

    So, I have been reading this fanfic, not interested in the characters themselves but more in the story plot itself, the story is brilliant! It is set in a world where "classifications" exist, such as doms/subs/generals and sub classifications like parent doms and little subs.. It is brilliantly written! It focuses on a asexual little and two parent doms, there are stores for each "classification" and laws to protect them, etc.. its hard to explain it fully but here's the link if you are interested

    Obviously completely hypothetical but interesting to find out, If the world was like this, would you want to be little, sleep in a cot, ride in a car seat and be looked after by a parent dom?

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    Probably not, as much as I love my diapers. There are joys of being a average normal adult. I love my job. I am into a lot of stuff that a toddler can not do. So would i want to live as a toddler, na.

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    For me, seeing as how much my mind is "going" it would be pretty nice. Most of my thoughts these days are becoming simplistic, so yeah.

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    If in this society you were classified and then had to act that way 24/7, no I wouldn't. I do like my adult time too much to never be an adult.

    On the other hand, if you could chose the length of time to be in a specific classification, then yes, that would be fun.

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    I'd have to alternate between little and normal. Tho that could be every other day, week end, week, or month.

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    As much as I love being a little, but I couldn't do it 100% of the time. I do enjoy being an adult too. I hate my job, but I enjoy making money (which a toddler couldn't do), and do whatever I want with the money I make. Also, I need to adult in order to be able to drink too! I am a cashier, so yes, I do need my wine! lol

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    When you say mainstream, I presume you mean that people have heard so much about it that they don't think it is 'weird'. For example, smoking a cigarette is kinda mainstream, but it is weird in the sense that you are putting smoke into your lungs. But people don't shun a stranger for smoking because a lot of people do it.

    Even if being little, or ABLism at large becomes mainstream, I wouldn't want to act little in public. I think adult life is meant to be rigid - that is to say, unexciting (outside of your homes). That is how you appear professional when you deal with clients, customers, relatives, children and even friends. By acting little in public, one might draw a lot of attention to themselves. And unless you are an exhibitionist who doesn't mind that sort of attention, it would be detrimental to one's professional image.

    Think about how passers-by have to breathe in the fumes from a cigarette, and get affected by it even if they don't think about the smoker. Personally I wouldn't want to affect another person with my own indiscretions, even if it was mainstream.

    But what could happen is that among one's closed circle of friends, he or she could be very much open about being a Little. Nevertheless, while I might discuss being a Little, I probably would not act Little in public.

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    I think I would still want to be little. I would love to be little all the time however I don't have a mommy and I am nervous about being in public. I am comfortable with myself being into this and I don't care what anyone thinks about me. However even though I don't care what they think I don't want to deal with explaining it to others all the time and hear all the negative things they say and that I need help. There is nothing wrong with wearing diapers and being little we don't hurt anyone doing this but no one sees it the way we do. If I was given the choice to be little all the time and wear 24/7 in a society like that I would do it. It would be fun to be diapered wearing a onesie and being pushed in a stroller with my pacifier and Teddy and not be judged.

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    I would love to be little all the time. But it couldn't be a world where like parents were 'assigned' to you. I would like to sit in a car seat and have my meals made for me and be told rules and such. That would be great. Other than working, cleaning and cooking I spend as much time as a little that I can the way it is.

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    Yes I would enjoy it. I would just be me

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