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    I though that this would be good time to go over milestones since my journey began years ago.

    2009: On my flight to Cancun for spring break, I was going through the SkyMall magazine on the plane and saw Jumpinjammerz ad for footed pajamas. Once I got back to my apartment after the trip, I ordered 2 pairs of the cherry red small footed pajamas and fell in love with them and bought many more designs after.

    2010 Fall: Looking into marathon running and came across an article of marathoners wearing diapers so they wouldn't have to stop to pee and just pee while they run (little did I know how hard it was do that) The next week I came across ADISC and found out all about diapers and the diaper world. In the fall, I got my first diapers, bambinos and wore them in public while using them. Took me forever to learn how to use them. I would wear randomly throughout college weekly. My budget for diapers were $50 a month. Months later I was able to pee in public standing mostly and eventually pee laying down my back. Found out about adult babies and just wasn't my thing. I tried it for a little bit and just wasn't my thing.

    2011 - 2015: Continued to wear randomly. Almost told my girlfriend about this and she turned around telling me she didn't want to know. Got married to her in 2015, introduced to her the footed pajamas and she loved them. Upset that the latest jumpinjammerz aren't as thick as my first 2 red pair. Told her in December about my love for diapers and she turned out to be so supportive and encourages my wearing for 24/7. Started wearing 24/7 weeks before Christmas for 1 month and first time I've ever seen my closet filled with diapers, diaper booster pads, footed pajamas, and onesies. My diaper of choice is Tranquility ATN briefs.

    2016: Wearing 24/7 for one month turned into still wearing 24/7 into March. Learned that wearing diapers helps me cope with anxiety. When I'm not diapered I get the symptoms of anxiety and have to resort back Xanax. Diapers or being drugged up, you know what I picked. Peeing and pooping is easy and I can do these in any position except driving. Just started to pee through my sleep since last week while not waking up. Had 1 experience pooping without waking up. Started to pee without realizing it until after I start and peeing when I sneeze or get startled. Wearing footed pajamas every night to bed with a onsie. Spending about $125/ month on diapers and pads. Found out I enjoy sucking on my thumb and realizing I can't sleep without doing it. Starting to like the adult baby realm. So far 2016 has been 99% diapered.

    Anybody want to share theirs?

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    Wow, what a journey! So before 2009, were you interested in diapers at all? Even a little?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thickdiapers View Post
    Wow, what a journey! So before 2009, were you interested in diapers at all? Even a little?
    I was. I remember making a makeshift diaper when I was 12 or so. But, didn't know adult diapers really existed

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    I just started wearing a few days ago, but I love the assurance it gives me. Even before I started wearing I had a very weak bladder. Whenever I sneeze, coughed, or laughed I would always leak, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. It's nice that now I don't have to worry about rushing to the bathroom every times this happens. (Which would be a lot due to my allergies)

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