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Thread: 6 Realities of Extemely Weird Fetishes

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    Default 6 Realities of Extemely Weird Fetishes

    So this just happened.

    Summary of Cracked article:
    1. No One Really Knows Where Fetishes Come From
    2. Fetishes Come In Different Strengths
    3. You Never Know How People Will React To Your Fetish
    4. Extreme Fetishes Can Seriously Injure Or Kill You
    5. You Have To Find Safe Ways To Enact Sexy Time
    6. Your Fetish Spills Over Into The Real World

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    A surprisingly well done cracked article and pretty much every one of those resonates with me. Not as much for diapers, but definitely the bondage stuff.

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    Does anyone remeber about ten years ago a guy was shot to death i think it was somewhere in L.A. because he had a womans shoe fetish and broke into the wrong house to steal a shoe,he lost his life for a burgandy high heeled shoe that he stole to smell.

    If that does not illustrate the weird world of fetish that nobody can aswer where the fetish come from or who gets what.

    It makes me think that somewhere on the net is a bunch of people like us talking about shoes or the latest panty hose they stole or how much they love to eat dirt.

    Be gratefull for what fetish you have i mean diapers are pretty cool safe thing to love,even if other people dont understand us.

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    That's a fantastic read. Playful and empathetic. Funny and also informative. Super!

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    I know that a few ABDLs have been chatting with a Cracked writer so when I saw the title I thought ABDLs would come up for sure - Looks like our feature is yet to come.

    I agree that the article was very well-done. These biographical articles Cracked has been doing for the last several months all seem to come from a very non-judgmental standpoint. They have probably realized that they get a lot more interest in people wanting to share their stories when the stories have an informative rather than mocking tone. It shows that you can still be humorous without the humor coming at the expense of someone.

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