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Thread: New AB/DL Inspired Subscription Box!

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    Lightbulb New AB/DL Inspired Subscription Box!

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm excited to announce a new business designed for the AB/DL community!

    Crinkle Crate is a brand new business catering specifically to the AB/DL community. Each month a "themed" box of 4-7 hand curated items will be shipped directly to your door. Items that might be in the box include: onesies, rompers, shortalls, footed sleepers, plastic pants, diaper covers, pacifiers, baby bottles, cloth diapers, disposable diapers, stuffed animals, toys and more!

    Head on over to Crinkle Crate and sign up to receive email updates, like who we've already partnered with, new partners, sneak-peak pictures, and to hear when we are officially launching! If you have a moment, please answer the short survey as well, so we can better design each months box!

    I'd love to hear your questions and comments!

    (Moderators, I apologize if this in the wrong thread, I wasn't sure where it should go. Please feel free to move it to a better thread if need be)

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    As amazing as it sounds to receive items monthly, I would probably not be able to participate. Let me explain.

    I am married with a child. My wife is aware, but not approving. My child is obviously not aware. If I were to receive a box every month, there would be questions. Questions I would be uncomfortable answering. To continue with family matters, the cost would be important. Too expensive and I will question affordability. Too cheap and I will question what kind of items I will receive.

    AB items are expensive. You mention clothing. 4-7 items of clothing will cost upwards of $200. $2400/year. We've left the splurge point and entered divorce proceedings. Even small items like pacifiers are over $25. The least expensive would be disposable diapers. If you go cheap $7-$10 per month. Customers will want premium, $14-$20 per month. And so on.

    Sizing seems complicated. So much variation available with different manufacterers. Keeping track seems difficult.

    The main issue for me is the binge/purge cycle. This is not a 27/7/365 thing for me. When I am binging (like now), the more the better. In purge, I don't want to see the stuff, let alone be reminded monthly and try and figure out where I am putting my new items.

    These are my personal feelings. I would be surprised if I was alone. I also hate to rain on people's parades as much as it might seem I enjoy it. Please do this. Just understand the incredible obstacles,

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    Plasticsounds, I completely understand your view points!

    Although it is a monthly subscription box service, you will not be locked into any contracts and can cancel at any time. If you want to only order a one time box you can do that as well. The box that will be shipped to you is completely discrete and won't have any indications of whats inside the box.

    AB/DL items are definitely expensive! And that is the whole reason I am pursuing this business, to be able to bring high quality AB/DL items at an affordable price. The 4-7 items won't all be clothing, it will be a mixture of some clothes, some accessories, and some diapers. An example of one box items is: 1 onesie, 1 plastic pants, 1 pacifier, 4-6 disposable diapers, and 1-2 toys. We have already partnered with several AB/DL companies to feature well trusted products and we are also manufacturing our own products.

    Sizing will be the most complicated for us. When ordering your box you will be asked your sizing dimensions and every box will be hand picked and packed to ensure the correct sizes go in your box. If you do receive an item that does not fit we will exchange it right away with the correct size.

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    Like I said. Please make this happen. I like the idea of contract-free. The mixed-item box was what I figured you would do. Great for newbies that don't know what they want, yet.

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    This seems like a good idea. However I don't think it would be monthly. I'd also like to know the price of each crate. My income isn't very disposable.

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    Hi MeTaLMaNN1983!

    Thanks for your reply! The prices are not official yet, but will be in the range of $40-60 per box, and each box contents will retail for $100 or more! You won't be locked into any plans and can cancel your subscription any time. You can also place a one-time purchase if you like as well.

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    I love the term "disposable income", when used on this site.

    I like to think of my income as cloth with a PVC cover.

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    I like this idea, as long as someone could pick a theme (baby boy, baby girl, sissy, ect) for their boxes.

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    That is our ultimate goal. We have also discussed having one "Gender Neutral" box but not sure how people would feel about it. Thanks for your input!

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    If it was cheap monthly cost like around $40 dollars a months it would be perfect but that all my budget I could afford for this type of thing.

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