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Thread: Do any other 24/7 wearers "air out" periodically?

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    Default Do any other 24/7 wearers "air out" periodically?

    Although I have to wear 24/7 for urine leaks and urges about once a week I like to take my diaper off and just "air out" for an hour or so. I'll put a disposable pad and my open diaper down on a nice comfortable easy chair and just sit and relax and let my skin dry out throughly. Although I don't have any problems with rashes it just seems to keep my skin healthier in the diapered area. Just wondering if anyone else does this and how often and for how long?

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    Yes i have been a beliver and practice it daily for the last 20+ years.
    I was told you should do this everyday to keep your skin healthy, most people do not understand that the skin is the largest organ in our bodies and the inontinent should try and balance diaper wear and air-out time so that time in diaper and air out time should be as close to 50/50 as you can manage, i think that is why i have very little time spent with rashes and such,the only time i have had a major rash is when i was sick in the hospital and was not given proper care.
    I also have recieved some excelent care, just recently i was in the hospital and like every half hour my nurse was in to change me because they where running multiple large bore IVs wide open from the time i got to the ED until about an hour before i was discharged from the hospital 4 days later, i was getting so much fluid pushed into me that every half hour they not only changed my diaper at the same time they usually had to change my gown ,and all the blankets , sheets, linens, bed pad because ahything that could be wet was soaked.

    I was really messed up and the nurses took such constant and carefull care that when they were changing me they noticed i had been shot multiple times and therefor when they saw an order for an MRI they freaked out and came in and it was like an abbot and costello who's on first type of thing asking about where are the bullets?and it was such confusion because i dont remember the ambulance or the first two days i was in the hospital,so i was then concerned what kind of drugs they were giving me that i didnt feel the wounds from being shot. Yeah its probably not as funny to anyone else but to be there it was a good chukle once we all got on the same page, so like i say from nurses not changing me i have gotten rashes and then just recently was getting incredible care so much so that they would not let me have the MRI until they were positive the bullets were not still in me and were not going to rip me apart while having the scan .

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    Yeah, you pretty much have to from time to time. My IBS-D is triggered pretty much after having ate, so I have the ability to be mostly safe at times if I haven't ate recently. At least more safe as sometimes it will trigger for other reasons as well.

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    When I have to air out I use cloth like disposables...however I do prefer the plastic diapers more....that combo seems to keep my skin in the diaper areas healthy.

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    Likewise, I'll air out on a chair with an open diaper. Normally in the morning before getting dressed for the day

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    Why in the world did they not insert an indwelling catheter if you where wt that often and i find it hard to believe that they didn't as they normally like to ensure your input volume is similar or the same to your output

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andyfloss View Post
    Why in the world did they not insert an indwelling catheter if you where wt that often and i find it hard to believe that they didn't as they normally like to ensure your input volume is similar or the same to your output
    Andy it is against the law to foley a patient without absolute need, also by law they have to remove it as soon as possible, almost three years ago when i came out of my coma i asked them to just leave it because i'm incon and its just going to make work for them in having to change me,they said it wasnt work and dont be silly,most hospital accqured infections are due to foley catheters its like building a super highway for bacteria into your body and the bladder is a great place to bacteria, its like how happy we where at our first kegger, thats why they didnot foley me this visit my kidneys and bladder what definately pushing out what they were pushing in thats all that they cared about( well they pushed max fluid and heparin sodium because my blood was "sludge" way to thick so the fluids diluted it and the heparin thinned it getting it back to being "normal" and i walked away from it with just some intermitent forgeting of words and some anxiety, i dodged a huge bullet and am gratefull.sorry i am so long winded.

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    Lots of hospitals are moving away from catheterization if not needed because even with proper sterilization and insertion care there is still a much elevated risk of urinary tract infection so they generally prefer to use diapers if that is a possibility. They have other ways of making sure you are staying hydrated than measuring your fluid output and matching input to that.

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    Yes, I go diaper-less for a period of time each day.
    But I stay next to my adult medical plastic pail potty chair and sit on it to let the pee-pee come out.

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    ill bare rear for a bit after a shower. Just stay wraped in a towel and sit on pee pad so things can dry out a bit.

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