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Thread: Help and Advise!! Urgent!!

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    Default Help and Advise!! Urgent!!

    After Thursday's thumb sucking, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Once my wife and I got home from work, we ordered take out, I showered, new diaper, footed pajamas, and we cuddled on the couch and watched movie wile drinking wine. Before we went to bed, we changed my diaper and she suggested we use a diaper pad and double up the diaper. I was up for it, after putting my pajamas back on, my wife said to stay laying on the bed and she'll be right back. She came back with a needle and string. She sewed up the flap along the zipper shut from the top all the way down to the bottom. Okay...??

    So, I went to bed sucking on my thumb and passed out. I woke up this morning around 6 and my diaper was wet. 3rd night in a row! This time no dreams or anything about peeing. You know that feeling when you wake up sometimes you can't tell if your diaper is wet or not until you reach down to feel your diaper and feel the bulge? Great feeling... Also a thicker diaper! I'm in heaven...

    Around 7:00 I got out of bed and my wife got up shortly after I did. I had forgotten but she was meeting some of her friends this morning for breakfast around 8 and then going to her mom's house to get her done.

    So, around 9 I pooped and by this point my diaper is soaked. Okay, time to start getting ready for the day and want to go to Home Depot to get some things that I need. Well, I go to grab the zipper and also forgotten that she sewed me shut. Now what? I texted my wife and she sent me a smiley face and said she'll be home 1:30 to change me. I told her, I'm not waiting because my diaper is soaked and I just pooped and want out of the pajamas. I seriously cant get through her sewing with this knife or scissors. At least not with my angle without actually cutting off the pajamas. Do I tear up these pajamas or do I wait patiently for my wife... Oh, and I have to pee again... part of me is enjoying the "torture" and the other part is uncomfortable and annoyed....


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    I suggest that you and your wife have a talk about each other's expectations and establish some guidelines so that this isn't a problem in the future.

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    Oh my gosh. I love it. I, for one, am into the whole submission thing. Seriously though, if you absolutely cannot wait until she gets home, I woud not worry about your pajamas. They can be replaced.

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    I honestly don't want to advise on this. You know your limits better than any of us do. Some people would find the scenario you've outlined incredibly exciting. For others, it's too far beyond their boundaries to be comfortable. You'll have to decide that.

    Also, make sure that you and your wife have a safe word set up, especially if you're engaging in any things where you might get trapped and can't get out.

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    I think if you can't defeat some ad hoc stitching with household items, you're either severely lacking in manual dexterity or enjoying this a bit more than you let on. I hope you enjoy yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    I think if you can't defeat some ad hoc stitching with household items, you're either severely lacking in manual dexterity or enjoying this a bit more than you let on. I hope you enjoy yourself
    5 hours was the longest I've worn a poopy diaper. Not that in out of it and changed I kinda miss it. I wish I should have taken a picture of it of how this was stitched. It was pulled tight. It would have taken me an hour to cut through it. Heck, it took my whife sometime. But at least I was able to just watch tv while she worked at it. I think being stuck in it for a few hours allowed me to be in a poopy diaper longer

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    Well mabey she should get those locking diaper cover then she has the key .
    Then she dosent have to fight the sewing.

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    if you want to keep the diaper on, the best route IMHO is either locking or inaccessible onesie. All In One Comany offers the option for your onesie to zip up the back, making self-removal challenging. You could improve on this by making a small hole at the top of the back beside the zipper and crimp in a ring like from a hoodie pull cord hole, and use a small ziptie to keep the pull up, requirin a nip from a nail trimmer or small pair of dikes to get out, and that would be tricky to get at while wearing, even if you had access to the tools. That would require very minimal skills to set up, would only have to be done once, and would also be a heck of a lot less cumbersome than even a small padlock.

    i don't think you'd be getting out of your diaper without either some help or a scissors

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    Well women either threaten no diapers or its divorce as seen by many threads about that topic,


    In your case you hit the ABDL jackpot! and they go all dominant,i agree have a talk set up some "rules" and then enjoy it, Theirs probably 30 people who envy your position and would love to have your "problem".

    Every relationship that is worth having rquires give and take on both people,but in fairness to both parties in the relationship their must be agreed upon guidlines of how far each of you can take something comfortably, do the work of figuring out what you can both live with.
    Reach common ground with the "rules".
    I realize i'm late to the party in writting this and you may have already accomplished my suggestions on your own by the time you read this.
    But in any case i still posted my advise.

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    Surely there are razor blades somewhere in your bathroom? Even stomping on a disposable razor and break it out of the plastic. Thread is no match for razor blades.

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