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Thread: Attending my first event in a long while

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    Default Attending my first event in a long while

    So, for the first time in years, I'm attending my first event involving ABDLs/littles. An out-of-town (little) friend agreed to come with me to help support my reentry into the community.

    I'm both excited and nervous. What portion(s) of my little side will want to be expressed, and what if I'm too nervous to actually share that with others? What if I'm stuck with feeling disappointed for being too "safe" in the pay space and I have to wait for another opportunity to express myself again? What if I have difficulty connecting with this new (to me) group? Will I ailenate myself?

    While I know that I'm really the only person who can answer these questions, I still find myself asking them aloud.

    Overall, I really looking forward to the event tonight and the chance to really dive into my little. Any tips for reintroducing yourself into the community these days or words of encouragement would surely be helpful and appreciated. :)

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    Hay Little guy.

    It OK to feel shy.

    I can get like super nervous meeting new people as well.

    So please you going to a meet up. You find that you not the only one and its great to meet like minded people.

    Hope it goes well.

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    As sisi said, I hope it goes well, as well.

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    So I did attend. And while I was playing wall-flower for far longer than I would have wanted to, I did eventually join some at the coloring table and chatted them up a little. I also worked up the courage to say hello and thanks to one of the organizers - really glad iwas able to bring myself to make this happen.

    I'm looking forward to attending more of their events and working to make the most of the interactions in the future.

    Thanks for everyone's kind words of encouragement.

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    I'm late to the conversation, sorry. What type of event was it?

    It sounds like you had a nice time. I wish I could attend more munches. The only one I went to made me incredibly nervous. I never felt comfortable. Everyone as nice, I think it was all in my head.

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    The event was held in conjunction with a BDSM event in Philadelphia. There was a dedicated "Littles" room. It took some winding through most of the event before I did finally find the room, but it was a nicely made space. Lots of people in and out through the night. I asked an out-of-town friend to go with me so that I had some company. However, I think that may have worked against me in some regard. It was easy for me to sit to the side of the room, away from all the new people, and just chat with my friend about nonsensical topics to keep me from completely bugging out with nerves. It was near the end of the night when I finally got off my diapered butt and went and sat down at the craft table with others. After some coloring, I was able to squeak out a soft "hello" to a few people and try to chat them up a little. While the conversations didn't seem to really go anywhere, it was nice to not be cowering in the corner any more. I worked up the courage to walk directly up to the coordinator and thank them for what they had created. They gave me some really great hugs and that really helped save the night for me.

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