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Thread: What does Breast milk taste like?

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    Default What does Breast milk taste like?

    I have the weekend home by myself. My supportive wife is away with my baby girl..There is a freezer full of mothers milk. I was thinking of trying a bottle. Any thoughts? How is it? Is it better than formula...and...will it make me sick?

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    Sick? Unlikely. Babies are not a different species. Cows, OTH, are, and that doesn't stop people drinking their milk. As for the taste - that greatly depends on what your wife was eating at the time. The taste of all milk is influenced by the diet of the female expressing it, and humans have a far more varied diet than any other mammal.

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    I've had milk fresh from the cow(still warm). It's delicious, as any farm kid will tell you. It will be thick and sweet no doubt. I've read that human milk is better tasting than raw cows milk. The milk you buy at the store has all the creamy milkfat removed. I really want some farm fresh milk now with Oreo cookies. I'm sure I could arrange to pick up some from one of the local farms, hmm a good project for my day off. Fresh milk has to be drunk warm as the milkfat will separate and float on top.

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    I've only had it straight from the breast but I don't imagine that being warmed to the right temperature would alter the taste but only if it's done correctly. If you microwave it, that will kill some of the good antibodies present in the milk. Better to warm it the old fashioned way, in a pan with warm water. If you're getting it from the breast, it's very, very sweet and perfectly warm. If you're on the nipple be very gentle, those are sensitive and you don't need to work hard to get the milk. It's very filling too. My wife kept the milk flowing for me for three years after our child was weaned. Incredible bonding this way too.

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    Breast milk is very sweat and deliscious. I have drank straight from the breast which is very relaxing and warm. Breast milk taste different based on what mommy has eaten that day or days prior. I have drank breast milk from a bottle it is best to warm the milk prior to drinking. If the milk is frozen it may look as it separates just swirl it around and it will be fine. I would say breast milk is an aquifer taste as a lot of people will say it taste awful.

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    Although the "rules" say that you can't, you can buy breastmilk on Cragslist, you can. Do a search, go buy some. Say you're into bodybuilding or whatever.

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    I tryed breast milk directly from my ex. Is sweet and very relax (because "ingredients.")

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    Breast milk is delicioso! I have nursed from a full breast while diapered!

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    I was wondering the same thing. Quite curious. I want to ask that if anyone is lactose. Or have bad experience with dairy stuff. Can you still drink breast milk? Or would it harm you in any way?

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    kinda hard to explain the exact taste, but it's similar to formula except it's creamier and kinda watery...but the taste does vary greatly.
    I've only tried a couple bottles worth, and on the 2nd one the milk was really skunky.

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