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Thread: Physically active with incontincence

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    Default Physically active with incontincence

    Military Retiree with a spinal injury and nerve damage. I am incontinent due to that nerve damage. I am trying to find out what products are best for workouts if there is a chance I could have an episode at anytime. I want to be able to ride the recumbent bike, walk, lift light weights, swim, etc, but all I get are rashes and uncomfortable products for being active.
    Please help!
    I have heard all of the "try to go as much as you can before" and those similar from my doctor. I am looking for a product solution that will allow my to be active with it coming apart or causing chaffing or irritation.


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    I work out in a gym five or six days a week. I walk and jog on an indoor track, ride a stationary bike, row, and lift light weights. I also have severe, frequent urge incontinence and need to wear a good diaper 24/7/365. I have found that Abena Level 4 (X-Plus) and Dry 24/7 work well. The Dry 24/7 especially holds up well during fairly strenuous exercise that generates lots of sweat.

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    Both the Abena and the Dry 24/7 are thick diapers and the 24/7s are crinkly.
    Try a Tranquility ATN as they are thinner, and absorb well, but they do clump with over-activity or extended wear.
    You could try cloth training pants or a Wearever cotton brief depending on you level of wee

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    The Abena 4s are good, although I've noticed they can have some clumping issues after active use and there may be padding dead zones depending on how vigorously you'd been exercising. I've noticed that the NorthShore Care Supply Supreme Briefs are a little more resistant to clumping.

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    I have an active job, I wear ID slip expert super, plastic backed, bit bulky but the next one down was leaking (have urge incon). Hope it doesnt get too hot in the summer, bit scared, not sure what to do..

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    I use the tena men's level 3 guards in my underwear through out the day and have found that they are very absorbant and I have never had a problem with getting a rash.

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    I am a Security Officer which requires me to be on post for several hours at a time. Being Urge Incontinent I wear diapers 24/7/365 and have since 2008. I use Abri-Form & Molicares because they are both durable & absorbent. Hope this helps.

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    First let me Thank You for your service, far to many people dont ever hear that.

    Second if your injury was aqqiured well in service and the VA is paying for your products a little known fact is that you can go cloth with the VA and the approved supplier of cloth is Angelfluff and you can get anystyle diaper ,plastic pant, onesie etc that Jenny & Howard make at Angelfluff paid for as long as it does not have a print, you can talk to the VA or you can start the paperwork going as it is available on Angelfluffs website, almost all my stuff has been purchased from them as i know its great quality and before its ever been available for purchase every design has been worn long term testing by Howard himself who is in a wheelchair and incontinent so if it passes testing as worn by Howard i have faith that it will serve my broken bony ass in my wheelchair.

    As a personal testament to Angelfluff,i have U3 (ultimate 3) Contours that i have worn for the last 9 years daily with their "blue ice" plastic pants and have not yet had to retire a single diaper or plastic pant because they wore out or become brittle with age, and even when i wear a disposable because i'm traveling i still wear my plastic pants so they have all been in constant use either over my disposable,my U3, or for night use i wear a super heavyweight nite diaper from Angelfluff so i am a hard user of plastic pants.

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    Thanks I'll Tetra have to check that Anglefluff site out

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    I use attends M10 active slips when at the gym. They are fairly thin and discrete and still hold up well enough for an hour or two. Also since I sweat a lot during my exercise that calms down my bladder (Urge incon) So I can get a way with thin diapers only. Also after training I have a couple of hours before I again have to resort to the thicker diapers since my bladder returns to it's normal state.

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