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Thread: 2nd time wetting the bed

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    So, I came home from work yesterday and my wife had bought me another pair of footed pajamas. Light blue chenille with clouds and moons. She gets them a size smaller because I like how fits right on me and actually holds the diaper up and she can see the bulge from the diaper. I have like 15 footed pajamas now. Anyways, so she washed them as I took a shower cleaned up from my long car ride. I put a diaper on and just walked around the apartment just in a diaper until the pajamas were done. That is a great feeling.

    I wore the pajamas when they got done drying and nothing like putting on warm pajamas after being a little chilly. By the end of the night I needed changed as I had a couple of beers. I put on a fresh diaper and went to bed. Within 10 min I wet the diaper.

    In the middle of the night I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep. I got up and drank some water and laid in bed for like an hour. It came to me to suck my thumb. ???? I was never into that then all of a sudden I have desire to suck my thumb? I started to do it ... I passed out like baby... (Seriously, wearing diapers, footed pajamas, and sucking my thumb)

    I woke up this morning with my thumb partially in my mouth, a numb arm, and my pillow soaked from drooling. My diaper was soaked and seriously wet the bed pretty good. Something I haven't experienced since a child was the smell of my thumb from sucking on it, wet pillow and waking up wet and feeling the bulge from the diaper. It's all of that combination that I got excited. I again don't remember wetting the bed but had a dream I was camping and went off into the woods to pee on a tree and remember standing there forever peeing.

    I told my wife about the thumb sucking and she basically thinks I'm regressing to back when I was a kid to cope with anxiety. I'm not into age play just diapers and footed pajamas.

    Has anyone ever felt at one time, I'll never suck my thumb and then the next day that's all you want to do? Like I can't get out of my head.

    Also, how is it I'm soaking the bed? The diaper is tight around the legs and aprons my stomach ... Something I'm missing?

    I never thought I'd progress so quick into wetting my diaper and not waking up. I've been wearing 24/7 for 3 months. I've read it takes ppl years to get to this point. I'm blaming the anxiety on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aston View Post
    Also, how is it I'm soaking the bed?
    There are times I fall asleep pointed down and somehow switch to up during the night and leak badly. Perhaps the same is happening to you? Or, with beer plus water did your output exceed the capacity of the diaper?

    Whatever, congratulations on the progress.

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    I was just in the hospitsl and was flooding the bed,the nurses came in every half hour and changed my diaper,gown ,bed pad,linens ,blankets the whole bed .try what i had them do go up one size,i normaly wear a medium they tried a large and presto i was contained with alot less work,give it a try pointing down 8 of 10 people as far as guys end up pointing up in the morning due to nocturnal erections.

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    It took me 4 months before I started wetting the bed and not remembering it. I believe thumb sucking increases the likelihood. I don't do age play either but sucking has always relaxed me. I imagine that if beer was involved it would speed up the process. Congrats on the awesome experience.

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