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Thread: My introduction, it's very constructive

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    Default My introduction, it's very constructive

    So, I'm sitting here thinking what to write, my intro of course at this late of night.
    This is another forum that I'm apart of, I'm actually excited for which this is another love.
    Talking about diapers, I feel I should get right too it like a bunch of snipers
    hitting their targets from the roof top, better becareful, you don't know what I'll drop.
    Whoops I made a mess, I'll have to clean it up, give me my sissy dress, and I'll shut up.
    Okay, that last rhyme was really lame, I'll try harder in my game
    of lyric spitting and word combining, I hope I'm not out witting anyone or miming.
    Alright that's it, I'm ending it here, as you can tell I'm running out of steam
    I've got more stuff and baby gear, to write about I hope you deam, me one of you. thanks for the invite I love all of you.

    Well, as you can see that was my little intro, I tried to make it rhyme. If you have questions or comments please post them and I'll get back to you to in a timely manor.

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    Hello, You Seem To Like Making Stuff Rhyme? You Did Rather Well, I'm Not Good With It. :P

    Anyway, Welcome To This... "Forum" As You Put It, I Think Its More Like A "Place Of Discussion" Still, Welcome! Lol.

    I Really Have No Clue What To Say, As You Can Tell. I Dont Think I Ever Wrote An Introduction? :P

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    Cool intro...
    my intro sucked =D
    lol welcome to adisc
    enjoy and so on

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    Welcome : )

    I could never rhyme; never did well at it

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    To be perfectly honest, I thought it kinda sucked.

    But it's still better than most introductions on here, so welcome to ADISC.

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    Welcome to adisc!

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