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Thread: An explanation,apology and question for all members

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    Default An explanation,apology and question for all members

    Recently( the last 2 months ) i was taking a medication that many years ago i showed to be allergic,it caused me when i first took it to end up with a 3 million dollar hospital bill from 3 months on life support because every time i stabilized another organ shutdown We call it cascade multiple organ failure, well this time being reexposed resulted in encephlopathy ,altered mental status and a stroke. My aides my friends all kept telling me i was not "normal" yet i said screw off i am fine, right on up till i was having a Stroke in the Emergency room. Part of this situation caused me to go down memory lane, all of you had to listen to some of that for which i am deeply sorry, at the time it seemed allright,i know the truth now.

    So i would like you all to talk amongst yourselves and decide if i have worn out my welcome, and decide if you think i should go and not return, i will abide by what you want you just have to decide and let me know.

    as an example of the confusion i had, the Doctor ordered an MRI and the nurses had been changing me and noticed i have been shot multiple times and came and asked "wear are the bulletts" i said what bulletts " you have been shot to which i said wear, must be some good drugs i dont feel anything they said "when we changed your diaper we saw all your scars" and i told them oh those they are long gone my sister carved them out in the bathtub along time ago when my father shot me so they asked why did he shoot you, i used my body as a sheild to try and prevent him killing my Mom, they finally let me be scanned but said what your medical records show you have lived thru recently sounds like just the tip of the iceberg, no wonder you have wisdom that you are to young to have.

    The last couple of months like i say now that i am clear headed i can see i said alot that should not have been spoken here and i am truly sorry and would like you to decide can i stay?.


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    Tetra, if there's one thing I can say for certain about ADISC, it's that the mods are very conscientious about their duty. If you'd truly crossed the line on anything, you'd already have been banned. You haven't been. You are hardly the only person on this forum who has issues that they have difficulty dealing with. Tolerance has always been important here. After all, if people don't like what you have to say, they can always choose to ignore you - they don't have to seek to have you banned.

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    I appreciate the concern, but did not notice anything that I felt required an apology. This is a support forum with a wide variety of topics, some of them possibly heated. As far as I know, everyone is welcome to stay as long as their name has not gone dark (user in banned status). You are still here; make the best of it and stick around as long as you want.

    This forum often has some members dealing with some mental health issues, stress issues, or just some communication issues that can be agrivating. The rules still ask us all to be polite and supportive. Most members follow this well. To get booted out, a person must be breaking the rules bad enough to require them to no longer be a part of our community. Until then, everyone gets support here.

    Glad things have straightened out for you and hope things continue to get better for you.

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    I feel the same as Akastus, that if there had been a problem, you would probably me moderated by now. I certainly have had no problem with anything you've said. I'm sorry you've had such a rough, if not horrible life. I think we can all be glad that you're alive and with us.

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