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    I finally got my abena L4s, it's been over a year since having one this good sadly as an OTR trunder I'm only able to obtain what walmart has which is depends small briefs, but after finding good out my routing led me through home I overnighted some abenasand picked them until on the way through. This is the first time in almost 20 months I have had a diaper I'm not afraid to wet in more than once. I done wet before bed, while in bed, then in the morning and still going in the same one not full yet. So happy

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    Can someone translate this post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aleakyboomboom View Post
    Can someone translate this post?
    I'd make an attempt, but I'm not sure what "OTR trunder" means.

    Either way, congrats w0lfpack91! Abena sure does make a very sturdy diaper. Enjoy!

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    OTR=over the road and pretty sure trunder is supposed to be trucker
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    Yes. The OP is a trucker who spends moths away trucking.

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    Sorry most times I'm too exausted to type and over look a lot. Difficult doing posts on a small screen in a truck that bounces a lot

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