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Thread: When in doubt make your own

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    Default When in doubt make your own

    We have been wanting to purchase a tutu for my lil sissy baby so we looked up how to make your own and now we are gonna make a few in many colors I am so excited

    I also learned how to make bows from the tulle as well so I made a couple of assesories.

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    Like those *LOUD* multi-color NEON COLORS !
    When wearing a tutu is not enough wearing LOUD NEON COLORS makes you standout from the rest !
    And then wearing something equally provocative as a diaper cover with frilly ruffled rows of lace and visible beneath the tutu hem line !
    Add cute frilly ankle sox ballet slippers and a neat blouse and its off to Disney's Princess Ball !

    You are excited and I am excited for you !

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