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Thread: Panties and girly diapers?

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    Red face Panties and girly diapers?

    Im new hear and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for padded panties, girly diapers, and sissy outfits, oh and jammies and plushies~

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    Here's what I did. If you go to your nearest dollar store (for me, it was Family Dollar) they usually have packs of panties near the diapers. I picked up a pack that had 6 different colorful pairs. Hearts, zebra print, light blue, lime green with girly flowers, yellow, and then an adorably cute little white pair.

    It was super cheap, at only about $7 for the whole thing. I alternate between pairs. They are all very comfortable and I love them. So nice to fall asleep in.

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    That's gonna be hard, not exactly moved out nor do I have money to buy diapers them sadly and it would be strange for a male teen to go buy padded panties

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    So you are here play acting as a male teen and want to buy and perhaps wear diapers or padded panties.
    Well the Money problem can't help you with that.
    As for if you had the money and buying diapers panties items of personal interest well you are not alone
    in this venture. Everyone starts somewhere. When your situation stabilizes and you can have these items
    in your own domain - now with that problem addressed then the actual buying you will have to do a bit
    of research to determine the sizing - fit of these items. Buying cheap inexpensive items gradually one at
    a time and using your body and a tape measure to get things in the right perspective so that you are not
    wasting money on future purchases. After that watching for sales of the items you can fit into and looking
    around on the internet sites. The buying and sizing works a great deal easier during times of Halloween
    or Baby New Year parties or this past Mardi Gras event. No one really gives a hooten-nanny about what
    goes on at that time of year. At times of college entrance there are hazing and initiation parties to pass
    off your purchases. If you have your own address then things can be discretely sent without much of a fuss.
    Sharing an address or living quarters then alternate plans have to be considered. You can do this it is just
    a matter of planning.
    I like the term "PADDED PANTIES" although when I hear or read of that I think of the bicycle racing pants
    with the padded crotch piece.
    With more padding the interest goes up incrementally until waddling sets in and walking becomes an effort !
    Also factor the wearing of an outer garment to conceal the padded panty - with some padding this becomes
    mission impossible and leaves no doubt that the wearer is PADDED ! Careful explaining that !

    So enjoy the fantasy if that is what it is ! A little release of everyday restriction is to be enjoyed and embraced !

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    I'm not acting like a male teen unless you mean something else by thay

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    I understand that money is an issue, but with what most other panties run at malls and department stores, dollar store panties are your best bet. Next to used, of course, and I'm personally not comfortable with that route.

    The box I bought was about $7, but that's not saying they all are.

    To be honest, the awkwardness of buying them kind of makes for all the more fun. Like trying to come up with reasons as to why I'm doing it. But, if that makes you a little uncomfortable, keep in mind that 95% of the time, the clerk won't even bother asking you about it. If you're anything like me, eventually you'll get to the point where you WANT them to ask you about it.

    Because that makes it all the more exciting!

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    Go to a Wal*Mart or a cheap dollar discount store and make your first purchase - sort of eye ball them for size against what you presently wear.
    Then next time you should be right-on the mark for size and then you can consider panties with fancy detailing lace frills design etc.
    Don't buy the most expensive thing in sight only to find out that it does fit right - isn't what was expected and find out it is NON RETURNABLE !
    Since this is a mission to wear panties over diapers allow for the bulging padding and also consider if wearing a skirt or pants is to be worn over
    this get-up. Exciting decisions to be made here enjoy every thrilling moment - Oh you will look oh so cute in the outfit !!!
    Read on and look at other forums for that outfit that is so you !

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    thank you, though i dont have any girly clothes sadly.. i want a skirt or a dress

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    Try drynites (goodnights in the USA).. you can get them on amazon prime and they are pretty and girly! Jammies.. The best word for littlespace clothing searches is Kawaii clothing.. and you can get super cute plushies from build a bear!

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    Baby Pants (that's the name of the company) cloth training pants are adorable! After finding them, I don't even so much want regular panties anymore. Although.... they sadly aren't cheap.... it hurt to buy them, but I really like them! ...Even though the fit is a bit off from perfect for me. And sadly I have to secretly hand wash them myself. I wore one pair today. (Although, so far, I have never tested the absorbency.... worried about pee stains xD )

    I'm not sure where to get a cute skirt or dress because I'm having a hard time finding that myself.... it's like there's nothing cute in my size unless I pay a fortune.

    I do have a night gown though, and pink footed sleeper.

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