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Thread: Wow that was close!

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    Default Wow that was close!

    This just happened to me a few minutes ago!

    Anyway i was sitting up here in my room wearing a diaper, and i had already been in it for a little while wet, and also messed a bit. anyway i heard someone knock on the door, i didnt know who it was so i didnt think much about it (i know i should have anyway). then next thing i know i hear someone say "hello? Your back door was open" and i didnt know who it was.

    I didnt know what to do so i just went down stairs, turns out it was the gas man come to read the meter. i was just standing there way too nervous to move because i was in a pee and....well somewhat messy diaper and i wasnt sure if they would smell it...... and this is the first time i ever been this nervous, and i basically peed a little. he left and i instantly took off my diaper.

    Anyone else have something like this happen to them?

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    I've answered the door wearing my wet night time nappy and plastic pants under my dressing gown, only for it to fall open revealing my nappy for all to see. The delivery man said nothing and I quickly signed for the parcel. You wouldn't believe what the parcel was. It was my three monthly delivery of continence products from the NHS continence service. I did wonder just how many times the van driver had seen something similar.

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    When I was 20 and living at home between semesters, my Mom unlocked my bedroom door to look for something "without waking me". Unfortunately I was in nothing but a wet disposable diaper. She didn't see anything, as I wrapped in a blanket, but I had to beg her to leave. It was horrifying.

    I think I posted about it a while back.

    Other than that, I have had cleaning ladies see bags of diapers in my apartment.

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    It is what it is - the more you fret and try to hide or cover it up the worse.
    You go to a Doctor's office and they have seen your sex - no big deal nothing for the worse.
    An occasional lapse of covering up - a fleeting glance of what you wear as a medical aide
    is no big deal unless you are dealing with an immature person doing the observing !
    My dad had a pharmacy and I was told of the rules of business - adult discretion absolutely
    required. So unless the Gas person comes calling more often or a delivery driver shows
    signs of interest - nothing to worry about - "BUT" don't make a habit of free exposure
    unless you want the neighborhood to know you as "That Diaper Freak" !
    And noting freak don't freak out the next time it happens - be cool !

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    That would make me nervous to! Where I live it would not be seen as so weird to be seen in a diaper (if it is a cute one) people would think oh that is a interesting fashion choice but... okay ^^' But somewhere else, does sound nervous! But maybe also a little exciting ^^

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    Don't worry...I was the gas meter guy and you looked mahvelous!

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    I had one case where I was padded up and was marathoning a Legendary run of the Halo series. I only had a t-shirt, my diaper, and a robe on. So what happens is I hear the front door open, so I'm thinking "Ok, my sister only came to grab something." Next thing you know, SLAM! The basement door opens and here she comes down the stairs to grab her golf bag which was behind me. I jumped up and started putting my pajama pants on. She just saw the top of the white diaper and thought I was lounging in my underwear. She then said to me, it is ok to lounge about in your underwear and said I could go back to how I was. Only thanks...
    I was red faces for half the day afterwards.

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    Considering the fact I am semi-baby faced and still act childish, I'd say so.

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    Often my wife and I will sleep in, making us get up later in the morning. Several times I've been in the kitchen wearing sweat shorts over my nighttime diaper and that's when a delivery man such as UPS knocks and waits for me to sign something. All you can do is think, oh well, I'm wearing a diaper. Life still goes on and I feel just a little bit more like a silly toddler.

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