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Thread: Goodnites Tru-Fits | Only $9.99

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    Default Goodnites Tru-Fits | Only $9.99

    London Drugs is having a sale/clearance for Tru-fits. Only $9.99 while quantities last. Good time to try these out, if you haven't already. Sadly, this is for Canadians only.

    Planning on getting 2 packs soon. Hopefully the cashier doesn't think they're for me.

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    I wonder is it actually a clearance or just a sale not that I have access to London Drugs here :s. I cant think of any changes that might be made to them to warrant a clear out on old stock, but who knows.

    Dominion/Loblaws stores here usually have them on sale at that price once a month or so and I pick up a pack or two if its in the budget as they make great boosters.

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    I wonder if this is a sign that they are not selling well and will soon be no longer available just the boxers were a few years ago.

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