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    tl;dr - let's talk about hypnosis! Here's my experience with it:

    Well it seems it's been a while since a thread about hypnosis has been up on the site, so I thought I would start one up again.

    Has anyone here tried hypnosis? I have a lot of files, and even paid for a few, but I ended up really liking this one on YouTube that actually might have gotten somewhere with me. It was something about wearing and wetting, and maybe some bedwetting. Here's the funny thing, it has to do with forgetting you ever listened to it, and though I remember listening to it, it's as though my mind decides to think about something else or quickly changes subjects in my head. While listening to it, I totally remember hearing it from the last dozen or so times, but after it's over I could actually forget the words the hypnotist said.

    It might have helped me be able to do things I wouldn't due to my own mind lock, such as going while laying down and such. I'm not sure everything the hypnotist suggests gets lodged in my brain, but wetting has certainly become much easier while I'm wearing since watching/listening to it.

    Whether it actually did anything, it doesn't matter, because I actually had fun with it. It relaxed me for the 15 minutes or so that it goes on for, and I find myself coming back to the video, like a small addiction. I actually enjoyed the voice (even though it is totally computer generated) and loved the feeling of complete relaxation. It's like you're totally awake, but can't feel your limbs. You're just totally in your head, listening only to what they are saying and taking it in, like you've let go of the steering wheel and gas, but the car (your mind and body) is now being controlled by someone else entirely. It's scary but exciting and overall an amazing feeling (to me).

    I certainly think it's a mental thing, and if you're not comfortable receiving suggestions it probably won't work. I have an open mind... Psychedelics and other mind altering substances may have helped open my mind up to things like that but I don't condone it, nor would I say that you will have the same results as I did. Heck, it could shut you off to that sort of stuff, just depends on your psyche. I have since stopped all activities like that but the experience I had with it still lingers, and has helped me become more of an open-minded person to hypnosis, among other things.

    If anything, I would say it should supplement what you already desire, and maybe push the envelope a little bit, but ultimately has to be something you want to have happen, but maybe your mind and body just don't have the willpower to make happen on its own (if that makes sense).

    I have the link to the video I spoke about saved if you guys want it. But idk the rules about this sort of thing, as I haven't read the rules in its entirety.

    Edit - I will also say this: repetition was key for the things I was suggested to really sink in.
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    I have also tried some hypnosis files in order to heighten the diapered experience, but most of the time they don't seem to have any effect on me. It seems that far too many files are of the type "You will be incontinent and wear diapers 24/7 for the rest of your life! Muahahahaaa!!!" which is something I really don't want. Because of this, I am reluctant to accept any of the suggestions in the files and cannot really get hypnotized. But I'd be interested in giving hypnosis another go if I could find some files with less extreme content, for example files that make you enjoy your diapers even more than normally, and perhaps cause you to wet automatically while diapered.

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    I've had similar experiences with hypnosis.

    I have a few files, but I've really only experimented with the baby pants ones. Guided meditation tapes are in my regular routine to cope with anxiety, and the 'hypnosis' tapes are basically the same thing. You end up completely relaxed & feeling like a million bucks, accept of course you'll hear a lot of "it's okay to wet yourself" in there. I haven't had any real effects from the hypnosis, but I always have had a lot of fun doing them.


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    I tried it, but I've found I'm immune to it unless severely drunk. No surprise there. I'm heavily resistant to anything that would normally alter a person's state of mind, medications and drugs included.

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    Oh wow! I totally discovered guided relaxation two weeks ago and love it! I want to try actual meditation on youtube or recordings or something next.
    I tried real hypnotism a couple times with real people, but I have trouble relaxing like that in front of other people. I think I just need to be in a safe place, alone to relax enough to try this kind of thing.

    Do you have a link to the youtube thing you found? Can i has please?

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    I've never tried any ABDL-related hypnosis, but my old therapist tried to hypnotise me a few times. It just doesn't work on me. I get bored and my mind wanders, and some of the things that are said just crack me up. It's hard to be hypnotised when you're crying with laughter.

    I tried psychedelics a few times when I was younger, but I don't think it's had any effect on my susceptibility to hypnotism.

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    I have been mostly hypnotised once, I say mostly, because I was semi aware of what's going, due to a muscle tear in my neck that got aggravated when I went under.

    I have tried a few.... for what they say they'll do they don't work for me, maybe they take too long and my mind starts to wonder or it's not a good script. I do find they are good to relax. but that's about all I've found them good for.

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    If you are interested, you can find hypnosis files on WarpMyMind that cover just about any variation of incontinence you want. That is permanent curse files, timed duration, only when diapered, just wetting or wetting and messing, etc. As said before repetition makes perfect.

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