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Thread: A Tale of Two Diapers

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    Default A Tale of Two Diapers

    I've been spending more of my free time padded up lately, and it's been fantastic!

    I've discovered a newfound appreciation for a fresh, dry diaper. Way back then, when diapers were a luxury I could only find an hour for here and then, I used to always wet them as soon as I taped up. But this week I've been sure to enjoy the dry diaper for a little while before wetting it.

    Then it becomes a whole new diaper experience! I've learned to love both these experiences, something I'm dubbing my tale of two diapers! Who else feels the same?

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    I like both ways myself. I dry diaper feels good, like sitting on a blanket that is always around. On the other hand, once wet, that feeling is good as well.

    When I put on a diaper, I try to keep it dry for as long as possible before using it to prolong the initial dryness.

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    I decided to change early this morning from my wet nappy into a dry one and then relax in bed. Don't have a lot f opportunity to do this. Loved the experience.

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    I use to lone for a bulky squishy diaper, but now I prefer a dry diaper for longer periods, I always end up wetting and I keep them on for the life of the diaper, the moment I feel it's getting close to capacity I change into a dry one

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    I like both but on of the most satisfying things that I enjoy is waking up in a sopping wet diaper. I've wet and not changed right away and I've gotten it to a point when it sags. I like having diapers dry more than wet though, especialy in the first ten or twenty minutes where it hasn't quite conformed to your butt.

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    nothing like a clean dry powdered up daiper after a morning shower

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    Speaking of which, I remember a joke I told someone here.

    Diapers come in two colors.. White and not white.


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    Ever since I've read this thread I've become self conscious of my diaper. I'm always checking now and right now it's freshly soaked. I'll probably stay in it for a while, but some times you don't know what you have until it's brought up.

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    I mainly enjoy wearing a dry diaper, but here recently iv had these urge's to double up! ( as in put on multiple layers of diapers at once) which iv fallen completely in love wearing these super comfy layers but in the winter time I do enjoy wearing 3 depends maximum protection with tabs at once then wetting them a few good times . They honestly keep you warm being in the layers, then when you soak them they get even warmer !! so I gotta say I enjoy both equally

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