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Thread: Diaper and pjs

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    Default Diaper and pjs

    Hello hi am new to this community and have really wanted to know where i can find some cute well padded diapers (girly or not i dont care~) and where i can get some snuggly mlp onesies (prefered apple jack and rainbow dash) or some pj bottoms (dont let my name confuse ya, im male but a sissy~)

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    The selection of quality, thick diapers has really exploded in the last year or two. There are around a dozen to choose from. Premium diapers tend to cost around $2/pc when bought in quantity.

    There have been a few good variety packs from time to time, but right now the good diapers are spread kinda thin between a number of differnet companies, so there's not much in the way of good coverage in anyone's samplers right now. The company with the widest selection (tho not the best prices) is They have a small number of their own design, but also carry quite a few other brands. also has a fairly good variety and is rapidly making a big name for themselves in the DL community, they sell mostly their own line. The other one with a good selection of premiums is , who also have their own line as well as a few others. There's your short list.

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    Any suggestions on pjs or onesies?

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    My favorite onesie is from Jenny at Babykins, they make some real nice ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
    My favorite onesie is from Jenny at Babykins, they make some real nice ones.
    can i get a link please? and thank you~

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    I have footed fleece jammies but I need something thinner, those are only wearable when it's chilly

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    Where did you get them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaddedFarmGirl View Post
    Where did you get them?
    I got mine here:

    Here's another popular alternative:

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    thank you, though know where i can get mlp jammies?
    and ive been calling jammies onesies... jeesh i feel silly

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