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Thread: Diaper sizing advice?

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    Default Diaper sizing advice?

    HI everybody just a quick one I've been struggling to get a really good fit with diapers. I'm finding they're either too tight and I'm having issues with the sides tearing or too baggy and slipping down and not snug enough.

    I'm between a 34 and 36 waist 6'4 and my legs are quite thick and muscular. Any recommendations?

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    measure at your thighs, your hips, and your waistline (pants line) then post those numbers.
    My guess is that you are a medium in most diapers. You may have to experiment with taping patterns.

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    I have a 35 waist with thick muscular legs due to me being a swimmer. I've had better luck with Large Abena, Large Northshore Supreme, and Medium ConfiDry 24/7.

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    You'll get different advice on tape placement depending on who you ask. (and there's more than one way to do it)

    My personal method (that others having difficulty have tried and had success with) I have described here:

    give it a try.

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