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Thread: Store bought vs premium online

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    Looking for opinions and details on what everyone thinks about cheaper store boughten adult diapers compared to premium online diapers considering ordering some online but not sure if the quality is going to change much from what is available in stores. Looking at sdks, cushies, or rearz

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    There are really three classes of diapers in my opinion. The absolute lousy consumer store brand. A few reasonable consumer brands which are on the par with the midrange medical stuff. And then there are the high end diapers.

    The highend ones can typically take multiple heavy wettings. Thinks like your Abena level 4's, Dry 247, XP and NSC's highest level, etc...
    The midrange ones are like the attends breathable and most of stock medical supply stuff (First Quality, etc...). The Walgreens fitted briefs which are also apparently the same as the Walmart certainty and the Sams Club Simply Right/Members Mark briefs are in this category. You can give htem a good wet and not worry about a leak but you'd better change it.
    The bottom end ones are only for people who don't intend to use them or just dribble a bit.

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    "Quality" can be very subjective based on your personal preferences and the reasons why you wear diapers.

    Depending on the area in which you live, there can be a few decent options for store bought diapers. But for most of us, especially on the east coast of the United States, we generally flock to online suppliers for quality diapers.

    Just to add perspective, the only plastic backed diapers that I can find in stores currently are the Depend protection with tabs. Where I grew up, there was a pharmacy that sold Attends.. I liked these a lot, but I personally still wouldn't place them under the "quality" category.

    If you are looking for diapers to be able to truly accommodate your bathroom needs, the heavy duty European "designer" diapers, and the others not found in stores, are the way to go. For examples, Abena, Molicare, Tena Slip Maxi, Secure X-Plus, Etc. Not to forget that most AB/DL diapers are on the same level as those as well. Keep in mind that most adult diapers sold in pharmacies and stores are catering to the caregiver demographic that is most likely buying them for a bedridden or very inactive person. Most incontinent, 24/7, or people looking to wear for more than a few hours are still very active and rarely find any satisfaction or accommodation from cheaply made, thin diapers with poor tapes are design. The other incontinence products are usually Pull-ups, which are NOT diapers and are not designed to be used as such.

    If you are looking for diapers that will put you in that warm and fuzzy "baby" zone, the ABU, Bambinos, Cuddlz, Rearz, etc. are probably what you want.

    But the tone of your original post is that you may not be looking for any of that, which is fine too. If you can truly fulfill your DL side with store brand diapers, than consider yourself very lucky! Your wallet will be forever grateful.


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    There is an ab side in me just its not very easily expressed as no one around me is aware and time alone is few and far between

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    I've tried medical grade ones and depends with tabs, wondering if the premium abdl ones are worth a shot as I wasn't overly satisfied with the other ones

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    Depends Protection with Tabs meet my minimum diaper standards being all white with tapes and a smooth plastic shell. Their capacity is decidedly low but I don't demand that much from them; I've got other diapers for when capacity is important. I find reviews helpful in a general sense but I think diapers are so personal that aside from very broad strokes, it's hard to know what I will or won't like until I try a sample. I'd definitely suggest shopping around and seeing what might be more fun and effective for you.

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    Night and day difference between store bought Depends and what you can buy online.
    Tykables are thin like depends but will appeal to your AB side, hold a ton of fluid and swell like a baby diaper.
    The new Abu SDK/Cushies are also a really great choice for absorbency and getting into "little space".
    Bambino, Rearz and Abu premium (Space/Pawz) are also excellent choices.

    If you only get a few hours here & there of diaper time, make the most of it.

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    I've found if you add an Assurance (Walmart) brand "Guard" pad to a Depends w/Tabs diaper it makes for a pretty good combination that will hold a surprising amount. I do have to add a few slits to the pad to allow the urine to flow through, but with this combination I can easily get three full wettings (mine aren't that big) into one with no fear of leaks. The Depends w/Tabs do have a few good things going for them. First they are generally available at Walmart (only in size s/m for some reason) and often at local pharmacies, and they are fairly inexpensive at around 65 cents each. In addition they have decent standing leak guards, are plastic backed, have three really good tapes per side, and are a classic all-white with just a light blue wetness indicator. Hey, they even have a good bit of crinkle. I know that they aren't even in the league with a good premium diaper like an Abena or Dry 24/7 but they just aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be. I can usually get by on just three of these combinations a day, four if it's a "bad" day/night.

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