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Thread: when to wear publicly

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    Default when to wear publicly

    Hey Guys! Im curious as to what other people currently do in terms of wearing in public?
    If someone wears for sexual reasons AND emotional reasons, would it be a good/ok idea to wear to school for example?

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    I have worn to university a few times...both for exams and just when I felt the emotional need to be padded during the day as well (I usually wear most evenings/nights)

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    I personally don't wear to class because of the close proximity with everyone else, most of my diapers are plastic backed so they make noise and I tend to buy the thickest diapers I can find. However I have been wearing more frequently to work but I'm not around a ton of people at one time. If you want to wear to class I recommend wearing out in public first, if you don't already, so you can get used to being padded around other people. Start off with something thin that can be discreetly hidden, become comfortable with that then work your way up from there. Really you start with a thin diaper for your own "piece of mind". In reality no one will know, heck my wife can't tell I'm wearing a Bellissimo under my normal clothes until she pats my butt, that tells me a stranger will not notice either.
    I started off wearing Tena slip maxi diapers (under my regular underwear) to work because they were thin, held a decent amount and I wasn't fully comfortable wearing around other people. Now I wear whatever I feel like wearing from Tykables overnights to Bambino Bellissimo, not brave enough to wear a Space or Pawz diaper to work and I go on about my day. I also bought a nice onesie which helps hide the crinkle noise and wont let my diaper peek out if my shirt rides up.
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    I wear when I choose to wear. If by school you mean high school, you should consider the effects on your life if you were to be discovered. At this point in my life, I don't much give a hoot if someone inadvertantly knows. In most situations discovery is unlikely.

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    I wear in public when I feel like it. I've worn to volunteer work before, but not to my paying job yet. With plastic-backed diapers I put underwear overtop, especially when out in public or around my parents. Diapers do have a bit of a sexual element to them for me, but not to the point where I'm constantly horny. If they're not going to distract you too much in that way, then it's not a big deal.

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    Coming from a person who usually disagrees with all of the "don't wear a diaper here" and the "it's wrong to wear diapers during this" claims, I do have to say that I would highly recommend not wearing diapers to high school. The understanding and maturity, although it is thankfully developing for the LBGT community, is still not present for understanding the people like us. Of course, there is nothing wrong with us, but think of it more like this: Most kids in high school understand life at a sophomore algebra level, where as our feelings and lifestyles are more at the college Calculus level. They need a little more time to get.. less stupid.. before you put yourself in a situation where you may be found out.

    If you meant college, I would still have a similar mindset. You don't want the wrong information to get into the wrong hands. Especially at a place that you worked very hard to get into academically, which you hope will lead to a promising career in life. Focusing on the promising career and life now will grant you a lot more freedom to wear diapers later.. and really only a little later! There are plenty of hours in a day to find some privacy and wear diapers, and I encourage you to do so! Wear to bed, wear in your bedroom, wear on the weekends if you can swing it. And enjoy it!

    I didn't start becoming open and brave (as long as it was appropriate), until I was finally out on my own. It took a lot of patience, but it's paid off in full!

    Good luck friend, keep us posted.


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    I'd worry less about your reasons and more about how you conduct yourself and deal with others. I'm a sexually-inclined ABDL and there was a time when diapers were too big a distraction to wear to work and do a good job. It was inappropriate for me at that time. My feelings are still the same now but I've acclimated and diapers are no longer in an exclusively sexual space. It's lurking around the edges and available should the situation warrant it but is no more of a problem in my public interactions than anyone else's sexual inclinations from all I can tell.

    As such, I wear when I want as long as it doesn't interfere substantially with my day to day operations. It hasn't interfered for the last seven weeks, since I'm 24/7.

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    When do I wear in public? I wear in public whenever I feel like it (assuming I am not doing some sort of strenuous activity that would make wearing a diaper uncomfortable). The truth of the matter is that people most likely are not going to notice as long as you don't flaunt. I typically wear a larger tank top and tuck it into my pants to reduce the changes of the diaper showing above the waistband.

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    I have to wear 24/7 for OAB-UI, this includes at work, at home, going out to dinner, concerts, conferences, seminars, etc...

    In my opinion, as long as you keep it discreet (not your thickest diaper) and don't flaunt it (bend over to show waistband/rub your diaper/poop in public), you should be able to wear whenever/wherever, as long as you can concentrate on the task at hand.
    If you find yourself distracted, it may not be a good idea.

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    I wear nappies all the time and have done for over three years now and no one has ever commented. I don't think anyone notices and if they do I don't think anyone really cares.

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