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    When playing little I will sometimes do the pee pee dance when I have to go Sometimes it is to help stop from wetting but I will do it sometimes when I only have to pee a bit. Last time I was in a pull up and did the dance I peed and I didn't think I hadto go that bad. Wondering if the dance is making me have a accident.

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    The potty dance is a big part of me playing little. I love holding myself, crossing my legs, marching on the spot and bending over, sometimes all at the same time! I don't think the actual dance has caused me to have an accident as such, but the mind space it puts me in makes it more easy for me to let go.

    When little me is dancing around, the big me part is fully aware of what's happening, and it's nothing more than the prelude to me wetting.

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    I enjoy the pee-pee dance too and occasionally indulge in it. Like Wombat, it really doesn't affect when I go, it's just a nice 'little' action. On the other hand, I can see it could cause a loss of control in some people. You may be concentrating so much on the dance itself that you lose control.

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    Doing the potty dance always makes it worse for me and for some reason i only seem to involuntarily do it when i know im at full capacity and only minutes away from changing

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