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    Hey all, just made an account here! I had a question about wearing at night and possible consequences. If I wear and wet every night, I know after weeks, months or years I will begin to wet in my sleep subconsciously. What I am worried about is how this translates over to day time wetting. If I begin to lose control at night will I be able to retain control during the day? I have heard of people wearing and wetting enough to lose control during the night which doesn't bother me..I just don't want to have random accidents during the day time as well. Anyone have experience with this?

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    welcome! this is a pretty common question for new folks here, the general concensus is that very few people lose any control due to wearing diapers regularly. Most actually get better control over when they pee though, and I like to refer to it as "diaper therapy" for "shy bladder" / "stage fright". I used to have a very shy bladder, and now with my "diaper therapy", I can use public restrooms in company. Others have had the same success story. For me, that has been one of several benefits I've gotten since I started wearing diapers.

    From what I've seen here, maybe 2% of people find themselves wetting their diaper without waking up after getting into diapers. Even with that, you have to consider that just as many other people here were originally diaper lovers only, and developed incontinence from unrelated issues. So you have to wonder how much of even that 2% was actually caused/triggered by the diaper wearing, or if it was just concidence?

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    For whatever itís worth, this 2%íer does not have daytime accidents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WBxx View Post
    For whatever itís worth, this 2%íer does not have daytime accidents.
    Have you always wet the bed or did you slowly lose control from wearing every night? That's good about the daytime accidents though, I would like to avoid that 😳😳

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    Not always, but growing up I did wet most nights into my ninth year. Then, after ten or so years without an accident, I slowly regressed back to true bedwetting via regular purposeful wetting. Again, based on experience and reading the odds of nighttime regression extending into the daytime are virtually null. Youíll be fine.

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    It will really take a lot of time and effort to begin to train your unconscious to wet at night. This used to be a mission of mine, but not as much anymore. It took months of trying to start bedwetting, but ultimately I only had one night which I thought I may have wet in my sleep - sometimes it's hard to remember if you just woke up and wet during the night at some point. It's not impossible, but its very difficult. I'm sure most people truly never get there. (please share if you have!)

    As for your concern, if you don't have any bladder issues already, I doubt you'll have any issues even if you are wearing diapers every night to bed. There have been many posts here on the 'quest for incontinence' but really what usually happens is 'diaper training'. This means your bladder is trained to know when you are wearing a diaper or not. Control is maintained for the most part. This is closely related to shower peeing - most people don't even think, their body just releases in the shower.

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    I've only wet a few times in my sleep, and I go to bed diapered most nights. I don't have any problems during the day. Like Bambinoid, I do find it easier to use public bathrooms. I too had trouble using public restrooms but now it seems to be a lot easier, so I guess that has become a plus.

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    I've been wearing 24/7 since mid Decemeber. I can see how if you don't pay attention and go whenever you want, over time and I mean years I can see weakening the sphincter muscles that hold your urin/waste.

    Like clock work, I wake up every morning at 2 am to pee. I just don't see myself ever sleeping through this unless you really work at it.

    I've noticed though, while at work... I'm so freaking busy between meetings and my day to days that when I leave the office, I couldn't recall peeing into my diaper but it's soaked. After thinking about it I eventually can recall for the most part. If you treat a diaper like a bathroom and hold to go as if you're using s restroom. Easier said than done when you can just go whenever you want and not have to break away from a meeting or your desk to use a bathroom. Just don't get stuck in being so busy that you don't remember going

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