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Thread: Tshirt and a Diaper

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    Default Tshirt and a Diaper

    For the first time I am wearing nothing but a tshirt and a diaper. I usually wear pants or something over, but for some reason I just want to lose the pants today. I'm currently cleaning my house in nothing but a diaper and a tshirt and It feels good!

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    I am doing the same thing. Just feels nice to be in a diaper and tshirt

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    I plan on making this exact outfit my usual nighttime attire once I start ordering diapers in bulk! It just feels... "right", I suppose!

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    I find that comfy whte socks complete my "lounging around the house" wardrobe Suggest you try it!

    Though I'm not really AB, I have to admit there's something distinctly toddlerish about plodding around the house in a white tshirt, white socks, and fully exposed white diaper, that's like the "classic toddler" picture, isn't it?

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    I never thought of it that way but you are right. I do wear socks with the tshirt and diaper. Lol.

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    I do that a lot in summer, but at this time of year, it's largely sleepers for me.

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    I always sleep in just a tee shirt and diaper, I can't wait for the warmer weather, since I wake up early for work I can get away with my tee shirt and diaper drinking my morning coffee outside on the deck, it will come soon enough

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    I'm pulling a 'Tommy Pickles' right now as we speak too.

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    At this time I am wearing a tee shirt and a diaper and am in my baby walker this is one happy baby.

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