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    When wetting a diaper in public your not always able to pull away and change what is the best way to manage this with out causing irritation in the below areas. Basically I don't want my little one to get rashes and I am looking for how our little ones out there manage public wettings so I can help keep my little one comfortable.

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    Generally, the greater worry is a leak rather than a rash from urine. If you do need to do a change while out and about, look for family or otherwise private restrooms. Failing that, cars can work if you can find discreet parking. Don't make a spectacle of yourselves. Get in and get out. It's really not a big deal unless you make it one most of the time.

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    Yeah, I've never had problems with rashes when it comes to wet diapers.

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    If you wear a good quality absorbant nappy then leaks and rashes will not be a problem. I usually change a couple of times a day and have no problems.

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    The skin of an adult is much more resilient than that of an infant. Adults are likely to leak long before they get a rash. There's no requirement to change after one wetting, unless you're using very low absorbency nappies. If you're really concerned, use a lotion when changing, to create a barrier to wetness reaching the skin. Have a read through this article - it covers the basics of nappy hygiene.

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