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Thread: Bright yellow spot in skin.

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    Default Bright yellow spot in skin.

    I have this weird pimple, but its yellow and isn't red.

    Not quite sure what it is, I Just noticed it today, anyone who knows about pimples any idea?

    It's not a boil, but its yellow as hell, like pus yellow.

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    Well, what're you waiting for? Grab your friend, and have 'em film you lancing that bad boy! Let's see it!

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    If it's not hurting you, you can probably wait and see if it gets better. If it doesn't go away though, it could be an infection, which would mean you'd need to see a doctor to get it treated (but not serious). There's like a million different things weird skin spots can be though, everything from an ingrown hair follicle to random dirt, so no real way to know. Just deal with it if it bothers you.

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    How big is it? Pin head, dime, penny, nickle, quarter....

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    Well, average pimple size, odd thing is, its gone now O.o.

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    Well congrats then. Body 1, weird pimple 0.

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    For future reference, something on the skin that's raised and yellow in color often indicates an infection. It's the puss that will turn your skin yellow.

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    I'm a fan of frontier medicine just take a sharp knife and cut it off.

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