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Thread: Can wearing too much make you incontinent?

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    Default Can wearing too much make you incontinent?

    So at the moment I'm starting to wear diapers a lot more then I have done previously. I don't wear them all the time however and only wear them when I'm at home on my own I do use them for number 1 & occasionally 2

    I was just wondering does anyone know if wearing too often can actually lead to becoming incontinent or is this just at myth?

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    It becomes easier to use them, and in some cases too easy, but not cause a loss of the ability to control your body.

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    After wearing for a while, I found I had to go more often and it was a lot harder to hold it when I needed to. Taken too far, you will become incontinent. Fortunately, control returns about as fast as it's lost, but I strongly recommend avoiding this situation as you have to force yourself to hold it and it's very unpleasant.

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    I'm in diaper almost 24/7, and have been for some time now (years), but mentally i'm not ready to let 100% go yet, so i don't wet the bed during night yet unless i got to much to drink (adult stuff like alcohol), but like the others say it get way easier just to let go, and I find it more difficult to hold back now.. I need to go to wc a lot more offen to avoid peeing in my pants.. but again im sure my bladder is quite small to be honest, because it have always been a problem but i never wet the pants. But basically it will get easier in time an as you weaken your bladder over time.

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    I've been in diapers 24/7 for just over ten years now, and, even with an emphasis on becoming incontinent, I could hold it if I really wanted to. Maybe not for terribly long, but, I could. These days, I am somewhat convinced that I'm diaper-dependent because it's quite easy to just let go most of the time. That said, unless you've got a pretty weak bladder already, you're not likely to reverse your existing continence anytime soon.

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    To be honest reason I asked is because I don't particularly want to lose control over the bladder. Sounds like I shouldn't have that issue so that's a relief.

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    I have been wearing diapers since I was 17 and I have never lost any bladder control.

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    You will not become incontinent by wearing and using diapers.

    You only become more comfortable to release urine. You were trained to use a toilet. Remember back in the day when you first began to wear diapers again and found it difficult to go? Then you practised and now you find it much easier to go?

    If you do wear diapers for an extended period of time, you will find that you don't hold it as long and your bladder will start sending signals to your brain more frequently to release. It will seem more urgent.

    When you aren't wearing a diaper after an extended amount of time wearing, you may experience your urgency to go may feel more urgent, and feel like you have to clamp the muscles shut a little tighter, but this isn't permanent, it pretty much retraining which may take a day or two.

    Babies aren't incontinent, they're just not trained to hold urine until a toilet is near by. They release when they feel like it. They are comfortable using diapers and when it's time for potty training, they are trained to use the toilet when the urge hits.

    This is basically allowing yourself to go allowing your urine to release and you're training your brain to release as soon as you feel the urge. You just have to retrain yourself.

    All of it is mental and never permanent.

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    Short answer: no

    Long answer: noooooooooo

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    Actually if he spends enough time diapered he can retrain his bladder to a pseudo incontinence state, it is not reccomended you do such though because in the off chance you cant be padded one day,you may not make it to the bathroom in time that is Functional Incontinence , yes you guessed right i have both, with the functional if you do not recive adequate warning or use a mobility device that you can not maneuver into place to transfer,lose the pants and trasfer before you leak that is the defintion of functional incontinence.good luck!

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