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    For anyone on Reddit, those interested, or those that lurk on there; ABUinverse will be doing an AMA, today (Sunday March 6th) at 6:30 Pacific time. (7:30 Mountain, 8:30 Central, & 9:30 Eastern).

    I got the email about it, but figured I'd share it, just in case people didn't see or get the email in time.

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    Will this should be awesome! I've read lots of AMAs, but never asked any questions or watched as one was taking place. Time to clear my schedule a bit for tonight. Thanks for the heads up Mattew!

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    No problem. I just hope that this was enough of a head's up for everyone.

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    Hope the word gets out. It would be pretty neat to have the AMA go really well and end up on the front page

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    Well, its going now and Casey is in fact answering questions. I've had two answered myself. I'm honored!

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    Don't know if anyone else followed or asked any questions, but I thought it was pretty fun. I was able to ask several, and got some interesting answers.

    The one I liked most of all was if Casey knew, or at least knew of selling diapers to anyone famous. Like actors, actresses, athletes, politicians. Not asking to name names, but just confirm if he knew of any.
    His response:

    Actors or actresses: Yes
    Athelets: Yes
    Politicians: Yes
    Executives: Yes

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    That's pretty cool.

    I did follow it some while it was going on. I'm not sure how many total comments the AMA got, but when I last looked at it, it had 80 or 90. I was happy to see lots of questions being asked & Casey answering lots of them. It's something I'll try to read this next week.

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    Well that was totally worth the read. Had no idea they had Canadian distribution now! It's stupid close too - doubt they do pickups at the warehouse though.

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