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    This is a story i never told, it happened a while ago.

    A while ago, i created a youtube and uploaded some reaction videos (i still do, but i wont say the name) along the way i meet someone from germany, he commented on my videos and soon we added eachother on skype. we had a lot in common, we also told eachother everything.

    This strange thing happened, i actually sorta fell in love with HIM, and before this i always thought i was just into girls, but the way i felt about him was just real for me. so i told him how i felt, he did tell me he was gay, but he wasnt sure about going out with me.

    but we also did found out we have one unexpected thing in common...... Diapers....... i still remember when i told him, and he then revealed he was the same way, he even showed me some of the ones he has, i guess that might be why i feel in love with him. we did have other things in common as well.

    Anyone else have a story like this?

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    That's really neat, good for you! Definitely a stroke of luck to find someone you really click with, who is into the same things you are.

    I am in a situation that is, in some ways, similar. I met a guy I kinda fell for about 2 years and some change ago, through an online game. I could feel it the first few times we talked to each other, we had so much in common, our senses of humor were alike, and so on. When I came out and told him how I felt, he more or less admitted he felt the same way. It was a wonderful experience, hearing that someone loved me the same way I loved them. I had had many bad experiences in the past with meeting guys online, and was at the point where I had pretty much given up on the idea of it. The only unfortunate thing is that he lives in Kansas, while I live in New Hampshire, but him and I are hell bent on getting together for real someday, when the time is right for both of us.

    Anyways, as for diapers, my guy isn't really into them at all, but was totally cool with the fact that I am, when I told him. It terrified me that he may think of me as a freak for being a diaper lover, but I knew I had to be totally open and honest with him about it if we were ever really going to work together. So I did, and to my surprise he was very accepting of it! I can't tell you how relieved I was. After a little while, I took it a step further and asked him if he would ever be willing to do things like change me or something, and he was hesitant to answer but did say he would consider it, and that it might be cute.

    Being a diaper enthusiast, and finding someone with whom you can share a close bond, is a very special thing. Lots of people are still shallow, close-minded, etc. in this day and age, which is unfortunate.

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