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Thread: So what's a middle?

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    Default So what's a middle?

    I recently stumbled across the term Middle, which I've come to learn is like a little but with a preteen to early teen age range. I've never really been interested in adult baby or little stuff, but the idea of being a middle really resonated with me. I was wondering if there are anyone could explain more to me about middles, as I'm new to age regression stuff.

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    I haven't heard that term used myself, and I couldn't really find anything in a quick google search either. Mmm...interesting. I've only heard the 'little" nomenclature used before. Does sound interesting. I'll sometimes read stories that involve age regression, so it's a topic I'm interested in.

    Hopefully, someone else with better / more knowledge will be able to answer your question.

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    I'm pretty sure that it's exactly what you said, basically a little in the teenageish range. I've only seen it in one or two places, but I'm hoping that it'll start catching on, because I'm not too interested in the really little stuff either.

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    Hi like Mattew said I would be interested in reading any info you get.
    And how diferant it is to teenbaby.

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    I think teenbabies are abdls whose actual age is under 18, while a middle is an adult whose persona age is around young teen.

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    I refer to myself as a little, but I guess the term middle would be more appropriate.

    My little age is around 9-12. I have no interest in pacifiers, sippy cups, plush toys or the like. I do like video games, toy cars and soldiers, cartoons and playing outside. I am obviously old enough that I don't need to be fed, dressed or babied, and can look after myself to s certain extent. At the same time, I'm a DL, so to incorporate diapers into my little time needs some imagination.

    When I'm little, I can be accident prone. In real life I had a few wet accidents around this age, and was a bed wetter as well, so I guess I like to recreate or reimagine stuff that either happened, or that I would like to happen.

    Little me will get distracted by what he is doing, and may wet his pants. He may have a bladder problem that causes him to lose control occasionally. As a result, he may be diapered not as punishment, but because he needs protection sometimes.

    My usual little protection is just the basic Depends briefs. When I'm playing as a little, these become a pull up to me. If I do have real diapers, they are worn because little me wets the bed, and I may pretend I'm diapered from the night before, or my bed time is approaching, or I'm going on a long car ride.

    So basically I like being a big kid, I don't want to be babied, but I like wearing a nappy or having an accident in my pants sometimes.

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    I can understand the desire to be a middle. It's a nice way to still be submissive in an age play sense but not be super needy, which can be tiresome for everyone involved. You have to do what they're saying but they don't have to do it for you and you don't have to go out of your way to be extra helpless or messy. That being said I would be a terrible middle. I'm sure I'd just stop playing all together and completely exit any kind of head space little or otherwise and it'd just be me. It's not different enough from my usual self to be interesting to me, the line between play and how I act as an adult is too blurred. But I do understand the attraction to it. It's got a kind of laid back charm to it with how flexible it is. You can have a 9 year old in diapers or an 11 year old who still uses a paci and it's all ok they can still make their own sandwich and don't need a big watching them all of the time they can just chill in their room if they want to.

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    I feel like I'm a middle.

    I have some regressive tendencies. I don't feel like a baby - I feel more like I did in preschool and early primary school, and like some of my friends who spent time in hospital around that time - able to talk and walk, but often still using diapers and pacifiers. That's the extent of my regression (for obvious reasons I also wear diapers when not regressing).

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    So being a little, or middle in my case, is about getting into a younger state of mind? How can I go about doing that for around the age of 11 or 12? I don't remember much of what I did back then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShellDae View Post
    So being a little, or middle in my case, is about getting into a younger state of mind? How can I go about doing that for around the age of 11 or 12? I don't remember much of what I did back then.
    For me, it's based on memories of me wetting my pants either accidentally or on purpose. I still had occasional accidents, although rare ones, but I always loved wetting my pants or most commonly my swimsuit for fun whenever I could get away with it. I was also a protection wearing bed wetter.

    So when I regress, it's always me replaying a particular wet experience either deliberate or accidental, or imagining a scenario that I would like to have happened. I'll get desperate to pee, then either try to distract myself with playing until it's too late, or I'll sneak off and wet my pants on purpose, like I used to do in my swimsuit.

    If I've got diapers, I'll think back to the many times I woke up wet, or wore dry before going to bed. There were a few times I'd wake up wet, but still needing to go, so I'd go in my already wet nappy instead.

    With me, regression and age play is all about the wetting. I can't do it just for the sake of it for something to do. If I'm little, I'm going to wet myself somehow.

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