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Thread: Diapers on a motorcycle

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    Question Diapers on a motorcycle

    I've had motorcycles on and off and rode for several years now, but, for whatever reason, I've not worn while riding. Has anyone here rode in diapers either as a passenger or a driver? It would certainly cut down on stops, and maybe the iron butt ride wouldn't seem so hard if padded.

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    walking physically breaks down a disposable diaper. Riding a bicycle or running is worse. I'd expect a motorcycle ride to land somewhere in between. Is cloth an option for you?

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    I'm riding to France in June, I've certainly thought about being diapered while doing so.

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    When I was younger, I was an avid motorcycle rider. And since I have severe urge incontinence. I always wore a diaper when riding. Carrying enough diapers for trips lasting several days was a bit of a challenge, but wearing a good diaper when riding was not particularly problematic.

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    There is a group on here "bikers with diapers"

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    I ride a dual-sport hence a more upright sitting position than a lot of bikes. While I've worn diapers on many rides, I find that I'm pretty much unable to let go and wet while riding and end up having to stop and dismount before my body relaxes enough for me to pee. Go figure.

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    I play ice hockey and go inline skating wearing diapers because I'm incontinent at both ends. I never had a problem with my diapers not holding up, and with plenty of baby powder I have never had chaffing of the skin.

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    I ride a big cruiser and have no problem wetting when riding

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    Quote Originally Posted by chamberpot View Post
    There is a group on here "bikers with diapers"
    Thank you. I will definitely check it out.

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    Cloth is an option, but it is kind of bulky. I think I will have to just try it and see. Thank you for the responses.

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    Yes I have worn disposable diapers while riding. I used an Abri-Form which is both durable and absorbent.

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