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    Anyone know of a good onesie alternative when wearing, i would pick up a adult one but the are outside my price range at the moment. Would a xxxl tshirt fit the bill or no? im 6 foot witha 36 inch waist

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    If you could ever find a really long t-shirt that wasnt so big it swallowed you whole I bet you could make it into a onsie, now the wheels are turning... i may just pull the old sewing machine out and give it a shot.

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    fruit of the loom makes XLT tshirts in white. they're not like the usual tshirts where you have to order a tent to get height... they're meant for tall and skinny. I got three off amazon fairly cheap recently.

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    I used to use "wife beaters" with three saftery pins at the crotch... Totally did the trick

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    I've discovered a line of briefs by Jockey called "Pouch Briefs" which sit VERY high on the waist. When I wear them, they literally come all the way up to my belly button lol! They're "Yuuuuge" and provide very full coverage all around. They totally dwarf my Depends. So I just wear those and tuck my undershirt as usual and have no issues. I'm going to try posting a pic of them, not me wearing of course, and hopefully it won't be flagged. Click image for larger version. 

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