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Thread: Planning on getting a fursuit soon! :D

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    Talking Planning on getting a fursuit soon! :D

    Just scored a new job that I love and am FINALLY starting to put money away after goodness knows HOW long!

    That being said, I'm starting to budget away funding for a full digitigrade suit. After several months of research, I'm about 99% sure I'm going to go with Mischief Makers come this June when they reopen. Their pricing :: quality ratio is just incredible and their suits are way too cute XD

    And yes, I DO plan on wearing underneath! (Preferably LittlePawz of course, what else?)

    So anywho, how many of you all have suits? Who were they made by? Got any fun stories?

    Thanks for reading!

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    Oh how great! Good for you, I bet you'll really enjoy your new suit when you get it!

    I would kill to have the money for a suit myself, but it's going to be a while before something like that happens. It's okay though, I don't mind waiting until the pieces fall into place for me. It's something to look forward to. But for sure, someday I will want one myself. And absolutely will I diaper up in the suit!

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    made and sold a few suits, got a calico from by bunny and picking up a pawie paw snow leopard next weekend

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    I have had a tooney-looking wolf fursuit since 2007.

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    Very cool, everyone! Sorry I didn't get back sooner :<

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