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    Hey Guys! I've really been puzzled lately. I have an idea what asexuality is, but im still unsure as to if i identify yet. Im primarily a DL with SOME AB in me. However, i have never had a desire to have sexual intercourse with any gender. And have a very weak attraction to the oral aspect. I have tried watching regualr porn just to see what it was all about a while back and i dont get it! I dont have a low drive to engage in intimate ways. Im very attracted to females in a sensual type of way ( aesthetic features, kissing, cuddling etc). I know i shouldn't be ashamed of myself but i find that im so "out there" in terms of sexuality. A picture of a naked women would do nothing for me? Okay, its a topless/pantless women? Big whup!As a DL, i would much rather just fantasize about what i want. So basically, all these years I've been hiding under my own rock. Pretending to crave sex and be "normal". I know there is a broad spectrum of asexuality. I defiently identify as straight as my "fantasies" involve women. im just not sure if im "Asexual" or not?

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    Can't be sure, truth be told. For me, I kind of have split personalities. One half crazes the desires of the flesh, whereas the other, if anything, seeks spiritual connection and couldn't care any less.

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    Hey Ryan!

    I found this and skimmed it a little. It sounds pretty similar to how you have described yourself.

    Not to scare you, BUT If you haven't already, maybe consider seeing a doctor to make sure there aren't any medical reasons why you're just not sexually attracted to anybody. Such as a low testosterone level or something like that. I think it would be good to rule that possibility out before just accepting that you are/could be asexual and ignoring a medical issue.

    I hope that helps and good luck!

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    Sexuality is different for everyone. It's normal, and you're normal. If you have no sexual desire, then it does sound like you're asexual.

    But it does sound like you have some sexual desire, the DL stuff. You said that you:

    Quote Originally Posted by ryan2127 View Post
    A picture of a naked women would do nothing for me? Okay, its a topless/pantless women? Big whup!As a DL, i would much rather just fantasize about what i want.
    So it sounds like you do have some sexual desires / fantasies. Now You might not be interested in sex with another person, but still like the fantasy part. What exactly are you fantasizing about? Maybe you're after a specific thing, that's outside of the normal porn stuff. If you had that IRL, whatever it is, do you think you'd want to engage in it, in a sexual way? If yes, then maybe you aren't fully asexual and just looking for something specific?

    You're right, there's a broad spectrum to all of this. I wish I could help more.

    But don't trust me, or take advice from me. I don't know what you're feeling / thinking; and can't offer any medical or any other advice.

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    I'm in a pretty similar boat. I identify as grey-asexual. We have an asexual group on Adisc if you are interested in joining. From what I have seen, asexuals make up a higher percentage of ABDLs than in the general population.

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    I used to think I was straight. But then about two and a half years ago I realized something. I have diaper/pee fetishes, I get aroused to that. But I just don't feel attracted to other people in the same way.

    I identify as heteromantic asexual. I can feel a desire to be with a male in a romantic relationship, but I have no great desire for sexual intercourse. (Masturbation, on the other hand, is a different story, but is fueled by my fetishes.)

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    I'm in the same boat as KimbaStarshine... masturbation is fueled by the fetish not really people... and I've had sex... didn't really care... I get more excited over sliced bread... though I would say that it doesn't make me asexual as much as it makes me a solo player...

    Honestly, Ryan2127, I think you're worrying too much about labels... everyone is unique... but there are many in very similar situations with many similar outlooks...

    my advice is don't worry about WHAT you identify as... but WHO you describe yourself to be... WHO are you??? HOW do you feel??? WHAT excites you??? WHAT scares you???

    just be honest with yourself and the one's you hold the closest... just be you!!!

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    Ya i think im starting to see more clearly now. I would be willing to have sexual intercourse with a girl if she wanted, but i have never fantasized about having sex with another human. The idea of it is very neutral for me. I could go without it forever and die happy. My fantasies involve females. To say the least this could be wearing a diaper while kissing or getting changed etc. (DL stuff) I also have a PE fetish, getting teased in certain ways. They are all directed towards females and involve "sexual" thoughts inn the sense that it results in me ejaculating. Just not regular sexual activities.

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