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    As with all of us ABDL's we are all on the constant search for the perfect diaper. Does Northshore have what it takes to make the cut?
    I rate diapers on a 10 point scale explained bellow

    Construction 9/10: This diaper is a tad shorter than a Abena M4,and mirror matching in length compared to a Molicare super plus. Its incredibly thick once taped on so you better wear some loose clothing. Its 100 percent white minus the wetness indicator and some small medical text.It has a very strong and thick plastic backing and has the standard two tape system and these tapes are STRONG, once they are taped on they will not come off making them great for extended wear. It features tall and long leak guards that go around the entire length of the padding. Another feature that I love to see in a diaper is also featured here, and that is elastic leg gathers. This provides a excellent seal around the legs to stop leaks.The only thing left that would make this a perfect 10/10 construction would be a elastic waist band, unfortunately though since Depend(of all company's) owns the patent to elastic waistbands on diapers, its lacking on this one. The padding is very stiff and MUST be folded the way it shown on there youtube channel to ensure a proper fit

    Comfort 10/10: Wow, thats the first thing that came to my mind when I first put one on. The moment i got it properly fitted I was mezmorized. The inside is extremely soft like a pillow, while the outside is a very dense smooth plastic. Since the padding on this diaper is so stiff it actually forced me to waddle a bit. This is the closest i have ever came to feeling little/regressing when wearing diaper and I'm not even a AB so that says alot!

    Absorbency: 10/10: What else is there to say other than this is the best wicking i have ever seen in a diaper bar none. When you use this diaper it will use every inch of the padding available, and to top it all off it doesn't clump even after a 12 hour wearing session! Compared to a M4 this diaper held up much better.

    Durability: 10/10: The tapes on these diapers do not rip, nor does the diaper need re adjustment. The plastic shell is incredibly durable and will keep its shape for as long as you have it on.

    Loudness: This diaper is LOUD and i mean L..O..U..D. If you were wearing this at home with siblings or parents they would easily pick up on the crinkle. Outside of the house like in public doing errands and such it would be easily muffled by everyday life, but i wouldn't not recommend if your going to be in a quite area and are trying to stealth fully wear.

    All in all this diaper has excelled in every aspect and for 21 dollars a case its easily the best diaper for its price point.

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    Awesome! Is the plastic super thick like the Rearz Spoiled? Have not seen anything that could beat them for soft inside and nice absorbency, but the plastic is so thick it is nothing like I imagined, but it is loud.

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    I personally rate them lower because they (1) have a lot of unpadded plastic in the front and back at the ends and (2) lack both front AND rear elastic. The latter issue makes my back sweat and itch under the unpadded plastic. The lack of ventillation smothers my skin, leading it to sweat, which is what makes it itch. I have the same problem with Absorbency Plus, and it was a major problem with the original cushies for some reason.

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    This is my favorite diaper ever and I have been wearing them exclusively for about 8 months.

    The only disagreement I would have is in the loudness department. I would rate them as a medium on the noise level - which I like; not too loud and not too quiet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fascinating View Post
    Awesome! Is the plastic super thick like the Rearz Spoiled? Have not seen anything that could beat them for soft inside and nice absorbency, but the plastic is so thick it is nothing like I imagined, but it is loud.
    So, my Fantastic In Plastic friend,

    Have you found the Rearz Spoiled to be the 'utimate' disposable diaper thus far? Have you worn it under daytime clothing, or only at night. I value your continued input on these new products.

    Thanks and be well!


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    I too love the Northshore supreme and they are most certainly in my top 5 favorites! However while they are great I do not order them anymore because they charge extra for shipping whereas most medical supply companies (i.e xp medical,magic medical and disposable medical express) offer free or at least built into the price shipping on cases, so with these for me it is 64.99 for a case of 45 large diapers plus 11.00 shipping, at that price i would rather get a case of id slip maxi for 66.99 and no shipping. I wont badmouth northshore or their wonderful product i just wish the shipping was at least included in the price. just my 2 cents

    Your review was great by the way and pretty much spot on!

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    I don't think I did try it under day clothes yet. I got them in December and have mostly just worn pajamas ever since.

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    Northshore Supreme's are also my favorite as well. I play full contact sports (not football just related) and I wear those because they are the only diaper out there that can handle the amount of force that will go through them and still do their job of managing my incontinence (although I have to buy the x-large because I'm so huge). While I prefer to use Dry 24/7's (at night only) Supreme's are my favorite daytime diaper bar none because they can handle the impacts I can potentially go through while playing.

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